Transport - Vision 2050

A vision for the growth corridor to 2050

Oxfordshire is a connected county. Our central position means we have great physical connections to regional and national centres, as well as international gateways. But we are also connected in a broader sense. We are home to one of the world’s best universities, whose activities and influence span the globe. Companies from around the world have invested here; products, services and ideas born in Oxfordshire are exported worldwide.

We believe we are therefore uniquely placed to play a major role in the UK’s Growth Corridor. Not only can we help deliver economic and housing growth within the corridor, our connections will allow us to act as a strategic hub, providing the whole of the Growth Corridor with access to a wider network for the movement of people, goods, services and ideas.

To maximise this potential, we will need to invest heavily in our infrastructure, particularly our transport networks. We have an excellent track record of innovative transport planning in Oxfordshire. But the new challenges and opportunities ahead will require an altogether higher scale of ambition for transport infrastructure and outcomes; a more integrated approach to spatial planning; and a willingness to
invent, develop and apply new ideas.

Oxfordshire 2050 - a vision for the future (pdf format, 11Mb) sets out our current plans, and explores how these could evolve as part of a wider vision for the Growth Corridor for 2050.