Oxfordshire Freight Gateway

The preferred routes to get to the major destinations across Oxfordshire.

Lorries and vans have a crucial role in the Oxfordshire economy, delivering a wide range of goods to shops, businesses and individuals. However, they can cause major problems for some of the communities through which they pass.

Lorry route maps

Oxfordshire Freight Gateway is linked to the National Freight Journey Planner.  It is designed to help logistics managers and drivers of large goods vehicles to select the most appropriate routes for their journeys in Oxfordshire.  Simply enter the vehicle weight and dimensions plus journey details and it will provide details of the most suitable route.

Visit the Freight Gateway website.

Sometimes there is no alternative to using less suitable roads, particularly for local access, but using Freight Gateway should mean staying on the best roads for as much of the journey as possible - the best roads for lorries to make progress without difficult manoeuvres and obstructions and the best roads for minimising the impact on local communities.

Freight Gateway takes account of weight and other restrictions.  However, drivers should still observe all restrictions shown on road signs.  It is possible to view restrictions using the map legend facility (top right corner of screen), and to provide feedback using the map feedback facility (top of screen).
Members of the public who wish to report suspected breaches of weight restrictions can do so using the lorry watch facility (top of screen).