Woodstock Road projects

Carriageway maintenance and public realm works to improve pedestrian and cycle flows


The carriageway maintenance works between Oakthorpe Road and Moreton Road were completed on Sunday 15 July as originally programmed.

Construction of the ROQ project, including footway widening works, drainage improvements, kerbing work and utilities works  will be completed by 2 September 2018. The final part of these works is the resurfacing of the carriageway  and this will be completed under an extension to the road closure required for the annual St Giles Fair up to 8 September 2018.

Woodstock Road will remain closed following St Giles’s Fair closure (early morning 5 September) between its junction with St Giles and St Margaret Road. A signed diversion route will be put in place during the period when Woodstock Road is closed. The resurfacing works have been programmed to run day and night to enable us to complete the works efficiently and reopen the road as soon as possible.

Although the road will be closed to through traffic, access to frontages will be allowed from the north up to Green Templeton College and from the South up to and including 25 Woodstock Road (Oxford Oratory Church). Vehicular access to ROQ site will be closed from mid-day/mid- afternoon on the 5 September and reopen on the afternoon of the 6 September.

The county council has designed the traffic management to minimise the impact on residents, the university, colleges and businesses plus road users affected by these works.

Delays are likely throughout the remaining works and everyone is being asked to review their daily route, mode of transport and time of travel and where possible consider alternatives.


These projects involved some routine major maintenance of Woodstock Road and will enhance the highway environment near to the old Radcliffe infirmary (ROQ) site, to provide better pedestrian and cycle flows and manage traffic on Woodstock Road.

Woodstock Road is an important route and the ROQ project provides an opportunity to redefine the area visually and how road users are managed.

The completed maintenance work covered the length of Woodstock Road from Oakthorpe Road to Moreton Road and included carriageway resurfacing, drainage improvements and kerbing and footway works.


A budget of approximately £700,000 is available for the design and delivery of the ROQ project with the majority funded by developer contributions from the University of Oxford and the remainder funded through the county council. Funding for the carriageway maintenance works has been secured through a successful bid to the Department for Transport and their National Productivity Fund with construction costs estimated at £650,000.


  • Improve the safety, comfort and convenience for pedestrians and cyclists arriving and leaving the ROQ site at its accesses on Woodstock Road.
  • Improve the quality of the public realm to reflect changes made under the ROQ development masterplan (helping to deliver cycling and walking improvements).
  • Improve/cater for East -West cycling and walking journeys from Jericho, through the ROQ site, and on to the Science Area off Banbury Road via the redeveloped site of the former Acland Hospital.