Backhill pedestrian and cycle tunnel

Backhill Tunnel railway underpass in Milton now open to cyclists and pedestrians.

What we have completed

A new foot and cycle path beneath the railway to avoid a longer route via Park Drive. The new path is lit to minimise light pollution for local wildlife and have a shared tarmac track for cyclists and pedestrians.

Why we did this project

The project will dramatically improve access for pedestrians and cyclists between the developments on either side of the railway, reducing journey times for pedestrians by 20 minutes. This will also give a direct link for pedestrians to bus routes. This will also give a direct link for pedestrians to bus routes and local businesses encouraging more people to walk and cycle instead of using their cars releasing additional capacity to the highway network.

Next steps

Construction of the footway through the tunnel was completed in September 2017. The footway works on the northern side of the A4130 were completed in October 2017, and the toucan crossing was completed in April 2018. We are now waiting for an electrical connection for the relevant utility company before fully opening the crossing on the A4130.

The electrical supply provision will be completed by week commencing 4 November. Connection to feeder pillars and signal controller and commissioning of the signals including equipment testing is expected to be complete by the end of November.