Harwell campus entrance

Existing access the Harwell Campus to be improved with the introduction of 3-way traffic signals

Why are we doing this project?

We have been successful in obtaining City Deal funding from the Department of Transport for a number of schemes in the Science Vale area. One of these is to improve access to Harwell Campus, which is a strategically important part of the Science Vale UK Enterprise Zone. The site is subject to continuing, ambitious development and improved access is required to complete these developments.

The current give-way junction between the A4185 Newbury Road and Thompson Avenue will be insufficient to cater for the additional predicted trips into and out of site. Initially, a three-arm roundabout was proposed as a means to improve the junction, however subsequent design work established that the construction costs of a roundabout would have been prohibitive due to significant utility diversions and third-party land acquisition.

It is now proposed that this junction off Thomson Avenue will be upgraded through the provision of new traffic signals. This new design will provide greater capacity to accommodate the predicted future housing and employment growth in the Science Vale area and is the most cost-effective option.

Latest update

Work on the scheme began in August 2019, with 24/7 two-way traffic lights currently in place on the A4185/Newbury Road and the entrance into Thomson Avenue closed to through traffic. Pedestrian access on the A4185/Newbury Road has been diverted through Harwell Campus with guiding signs in place. Maps for the northbound lane closure and the pedestrian diversion route are linked below.

Public consultation

Public Consultation on the updated proposal for a signalised junction was undertaken from 2 March 2018 to 6 April 2018. The consultation response report is linked below, along with an area map and current design proposals.