Access to Headington

Project to deliver a package of travel improvements in the Headington area.

With the arrival of additional funding from the growth deal, the scheme has expanded and we are delivering significantly more than before. Details of the scheme can be seen further down this page.

Whilst not an exhaustive list, a summary of these improvements are:

  • Improved provision on the hill section of Headley Way
  • Mitigation measures at Oxford Road junction to improve safety for pedestrians/cyclists as a result of Swan School development
  • New traffic signals and pedestrian crossing installations
  • Approximately 8000m2 of additional carriageway surfacing
  • Approximately 5000m2 of additional footway surfacing
  • Improved segregated cycle and pedestrian amenity throughout Headington
  • Tighter kerb radii into side roads and side road entry treatments to encourage slower entry speeds, therefore improving safety
  • More planting, trees and landscaping

Latest update

Headley Way retaining wall

Enabling works started in August 2019 for the retaining wall on Headley Way, ready for the main works to begin in September 2019. The road will be operated under narrowed lanes while these enabling works take place meaning parking up this stretch of hill will be suspended.

When the main works on the wall begin, Headley Way will operate under 2-way traffic lights, and access into the road will be closed at Drewent Avenue, Coniston Avenue and Bowness Avenue. Access to the roads will be via Eden Drive. These works should be completed in Spring 2020.

Old Road and Windmill Road

Works are ongoing to complete improvements to the footway for pedestrians and cyclists along Old Road and Windmill Road. These works will be undertake with narrow lanes and temporary traffic management. Works are planned to be completed by the end of October 2019.

Oxford Connector Routes

Work is due to start on 28 October in Marsh Lane to deliver a section of the Oxford Connector Routes project. Though this project is separate from A2H, we are making use of resources currently working in the area to reduce any future disruption. The section we will be working on runs from Elms Drive to the OXSRAD Centre.

We will be undertaking some resurfacing work on Marsh Lane for the pedestrian crossing and traffic signal sensor loops and will be installing raised tables at the Elms Drive and Horseman Close junctions.

The work will be undertaken during daytime working hours and there will be footway closures and diversions, temporary traffic lights when necessary and narrowed lanes at the Elms Drive and Horseman Close junctions. The temporary traffic signals will be manually controlled between the hours of 7am and 7pm.

The work will take up to 10 weeks.

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What is Access to Headington?

Access to Headington will improve facilities for pedestrians, public transport and cyclists and will include junction upgrades, improved cycling facilities and pedestrian crossings. A total of £14.5m is being invested.

It will be delivered as a series of individual pieces of work. This means that the timings can be coordinated with other work that may need to be done in the area in order to minimise disruption.

Why is it needed?

Existing traffic congestion leads to a number of problems, including delays to bus services and an unwelcoming environment for pedestrians and cyclists. With planned growth in the area, doing nothing will cause more problems over the next few years.

The objectives of Access to Headington are to:

  • Manage growth in car traffic by improving provision for more walking, cycling and use of public transport
  • Reduce congestion
  • Support job growth in health, innovation and education by improving access to major sites such as hospitals and universities
  • Provide safer options for travel to school and university for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Promote health and wellbeing by reducing transport’s environmental impacts

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