A361 road safety improvements

Safety improvement works between Banbury and Chipping Norton in 2019.


We are carrying out work to reduce the risk of accidents on A361 from Banbury to A3400 roundabout at Chipping Norton.

Key improvements include:

  • carriageway resurfacing and drainage 
  • vegetation clearance
  • footpath improvements
  • Wykham Lane and Bloxham Grove Road junctions’ improvements
  • lining and signage improvements
  • speed limit reductions.

Current works you need to be aware of:

Wykham Lane survey works to inform design – 8-18 July

Traffic management

The works will be carried out during day-time off-peak hours 09:30 – 15:30. Temporary traffic lights will be in place.

Minor civils and drainage works phase 1: 8 July-29 August

The works will include: grass cutting and vegetation clearance, replacement of damaged pipes and drains.  

The following areas are programmed for phase 1:

  • Section 2: 8-18 July - Wykham Mill
  • Section 4 and 5: 11-30 July - Tadmarton Road Junction and South of Bloxham
  • Section 6: 8-14 August - North of South Newington
  • Section 7: 24 July-16 August - South of South Newington
  • Section 8 and 9: 23-29 August - Wigginton Junction and Great Tew Junction.

Traffic management

The works will be carried out during day-time off-peak hours 09:30 – 15:30. Temporary traffic lights will be in place.

Phase 2

Phase 2 drainage and minor civil works on A361 from Church Street to Ell’s Lane are planned for September 2019, dates will be confirmed shortly.

Resurfacing works phase 1: 5 July - 31 August 

The following areas are programmed for resurfacing works - Phase 1:

Plan for the resurfacing and drainage phase 1 works (pdf format)

Traffic management

The works will be carried out at night (20:00 – 06:00) under full road closures. Noisy works, such as planning, must finish before 23:00 near residential areas, however there will be some construction noise for the duration of the works.

Phase 2

Church Street/High Street and Ell’s Lane/Bloxham Grove Road junction is currently being planned. Dates will be confirmed shortly.



An approved signed diversion route will be put in place for all through traffic and HGVs to direct them away from the closures via a major signed diversion route (A44, A4095 and A4260) while local residents will be able to use local roads.

For closure information and latest diversion routes please visit https://www.roadworks.org/

Road markings and lining

All required road markings and lining will be reinstated upon the completion of the resurfacing activities.

Progress to date

We have been progressing the junctions and shared footway designs and have been engaged in the mobilisation and procurement of resurfacing, drainage, Traffic Management and lining contractor for the main surfacing and drainage works.  

The following activities were completed:

  • Signs and lines reviews
  • Shared footway siding out, assessment and walk and talk to inform design
  • Scope re-modelling in ViDA (DfT safety assessment tool)
  • Public consultation for speed limit reduction
  • Assessment of vehicle crash barrier (safety fence) south of South Newington
  • South Newington carriageway resurfacing and drainage improvements (completed in November 2018).
  • Coring
  • Advanced vegetation clearance prior to design work along the entire route
  • Topographical and utilities surveys
  • Drainage surveys
  • Surface condition assessment and prioritisation exercise
  • Accident analysis on two study junctions.

What is going to happen over the next few weeks?

  • Complete Wykham Lane and Ells Lane/Bloxham Grove Road junctions design
  • Complete shared footway design
  • Programme signs and lines improvements and complete procurement
  • Agree and programme in Bloxham Village and Bloxham Grove Road junction surfacing extent
  • Programme additional drainage works.

Why we are doing this work

The Safer Roads Foundation (SRF) identified A361, between Banbury and Chipping Norton, as one of the 50 sections of A-class roads with the highest risk of fatal and serious road traffic accidents.

The accidents recorded on the route were quite diverse but include loss of control incidents, particularly at bends and junction accidents. The higher severity accidents are mainly on the more rural stretches, with comparatively few being recorded within the two villages Bloxham and South Newington. 

The Oxfordshire County Council was invited to bid for funding allocated by the Department for Transport (DfT) and following work to identify appropriate measures to reduce accident risk to all users, a bid was submitted in April 2017 to the DfT and was successful.  

We have received £4.135m to deliver the agreed A361 road safety improvements by 31 March 2020.