Lodge Hill Interchange

South-facing slip roads to form a highway interchange for A34 near Abingdon

Why we are doing this project

The area will see significant growth in the coming years and investment is needed now so that the transport network can meet the demands that will be placed upon it in the future. This will be done by increasing the junction capacity and overall network performance and resilience.

The project will provide new infrastructure to;

  • optimise the junction capacity at Lodge Hill
  • provide new access and shorter journey times
  • enable new housing in Abingdon 1,000 dwellings (Local Plan period – to 2031)
  • support/enable economic growth in wider area Science Vale area (20,000 jobs, 20,000 dwellings) increasing opportunities for local people
  • support/enable growth in Oxford 28,000 new homes and 24,000 new jobs in Oxford by 2031

​Who will benefit and how

The project will deliver benefits for local businesses and residents by way of an improved highway network - providing improved journey times and access for businesses and homes to and from the A34. This will reduce congestion in Abingdon and at Marcham Junction. The design will be future-proofed to minimise future interference with the highway.

What we are proposing

The scheme proposes to deliver a highway interchange by adding new south-facing slips in addition to the existing A34 north-facing slips at Lodge Hill. The new slips will optimise the capacity on the junction and will include roundabouts to significantly improve the network and reduce local congestion.

  • New access to and from the A34
  • New direct routes for residents in the locality to access the A34 reducing journey times and mileage

Next steps

Since a successful funding bid was approved last year, the scheme has proceeded to preliminary design.  This includes up-to-date traffic modelling evidence to inform the design solution.

Partnership working with Highways England is on-going to agree traffic modelling and design. It is expected that this stage of the scheme will be completed by autumn 2018. The scheme is currently programmed to be constructed by the end of 2020 subject to approval from Highways England.