Featherbed Lane and Steventon lights

Improved and safer access to Milton Park, Milton Interchange and Didcot from Wantage and Grove.

This scheme supports the major growth in both housing and employment planned in the Science Vale area and mitigates the congestion at the Rowstock roundabout junction.

The detailed design for these proposals is now complete following extensive public consultation.

This scheme includes three main sections.

Northern end (Milton Hill) of Featherbed Lane

  • An improved signalised junction at the southern end of Steventon High Street / A4130 Abingdon Road.
  • A new set of traffic lights where Featherbed Lane meets the A4130 Abingdon Road.
  • Additional traffic lanes along the A4130 between these two improved junctions at either end.

Central section of Featherbed Lane

  • Realignment of sharp double bends along Featherbed Lane.

Southern end of Featherbed Lane

  • A new roundabout junction with the A417 Reading Road.
  • Improved surfacing of a section of the A417 Reading Road towards East Hendred.

Key objectives:

  • increase junction capacity at the A417/Featherbed Lane, A4130/Featherbed Lane and A4130/B4017 (Steventon) junctions
  • reduce journey time delay
  • improve journey time reliability
  • improve highway safety

Next steps

The design is ready to commence publication of Compulsory Publication Orders. However before the Orders are published we are reviewing and preparing a robust evidence base to be presented as part of the Orders and any subsequent Public Inquiry. The duration of the review and completion of the CPO process is dependent on third parties and once we have a firm date for the start of works we will provide an update via the website.