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Farmfield Road / Oxford Road junction improvements

Work to increase the capacity of the junction and improve the safety of pedestrian crossings.

About the project

The Farmfield Road/Oxford Road junction is a key route in and out of Banbury. As new housing is being built nearby, there is expected to be more traffic travelling through this junction. Improvements to the junction aim to reduce congestion and improve road safety.

The improved junction will include:

  • three small, staggered pedestrian crossings, that include traffic islands, on Oxford Road to the north and south of the junction, and on Farmfield Road near the access to Sainsbury’s.
  • traffic islands located away from property and business entrances to improve safety.
  • improved refuge spacing so that pedestrians using the traffic islands are kept a safe distance from HGVs as they turn into Sainsbury’s.
  • modifications to kerbs and minor vegetation cut back to improve visibility at the junction.
  • changes to traffic signal phasing to allow more traffic to move safely at the same time, improving traffic flow.

Why we are investing here

We are committed to delivering transport schemes that will support the regeneration and growth of Banbury.

The increased traffic from housing developments in the south of Banbury is expected to increase congestion along Oxford Road, particularly at its junction with Farmfield Road opposite the entrance to the Sainsbury’s superstore.

The proposed junction improvements will improve traffic flow along Oxford Road (A4260), which forms part of the only access from the south of Banbury to the M40 at Junction 11. With the installation of larger refuge islands, the scheme will also make the junction safer for pedestrians to cross.

Traffic in neighbouring streets will improve because of the reduced congestion along the main road. The time it takes to travel by bus in the area should also reduce, with the improved traffic flow leading to better air quality.

These ambitions are in line with priorities laid out in the Local Transport Plan 4 (p.6.).

Construction work

Construction of the improved junction is expected to begin in spring 2022.

Preliminary ground investigation works will begin with a CCTV survey in February.

Some minor delays can be expected because of the work.

How will the roadworks affect me?

We will try to minimise disruption and tell you about investigation and road works in advance to help you avoid delays where possible.

Stay informed by signing up for our travel bulletin and following our social media feeds.

Timetable of activity

Activity Target date
Feasibility scheme design Complete
Preliminary design Complete
Preliminary ground investigation works Complete
Detailed design Complete
Construction TBC

How it is being funded

The total project costs are expected to be about £995,000. The scheme is being financed by local developer contributions.