A40 Eynsham park and ride and bus lane scheme

Opportunity to improve reliability and variety of destinations in Oxford served by public transport

About the scheme

This scheme is the first part of the A40 corridor strategy which seeks to:

  • support jobs, housing growth and economic vitality
  • reduce transport emissions and meet our obligations to the government
  • protect, and where possible, enhance Oxfordshire’s environment and improve quality of life
  • improve public health, air quality, safety and individual wellbeing.

The proposed park and ride and bus lanes provide an opportunity to improve the reliability and variety of destinations in Oxford served by public transport. The £36.2m scheme is to be funded largely from the Local Growth Fund administered by the Department for Transport.

Latest update – December 2020

Plans announced to accelerate the A40 improvement scheme

Residents and motorists can look forward to better connections to Oxford with accelerated plans for a new park and ride at Eynsham as part of the Science Transit 2 (ST2) scheme for the A40.

County council officers are seeking Cabinet approval on 15 December 2020 to submit a full and final business plan to the Department for Transport for the scheme now that new funding has been secured.

This is the latest in a series of plans to invest more than £600 million in the county’s infrastructure over the next four years, helping to create and support jobs, develop the local economy and encourage sustainable travel.

The final plan includes bringing forward the park and ride part of the project. A new report to the Cabinet outlines the progress of the work and seeks approval to submit the final business case to the Department for Transport.

Related projects

The project is linked to several other proposals along the A40 corridor. They include:

  • the A40 Smart Corridor (Housing Infrastructure Fund 2) with its public transport and sustainable mode priority improvements
  • access to Witney (Shore’s Green) junction improvements
  • A40 Oxford Northern Gateway – bus and sustainable mode priority improvements along the A40 between Dukes Cut and Wolvercote roundabout
  • the Northern Gateway access road and associated bus priority improvements along the same length.

A final approved plan, additional funding and meeting the tight funding timescales is a priority.

Construction traffic reduction

Bringing forward the construction phase of the park and ride site will reduce the construction phase traffic on the A40.

It also demonstrates the council’s commitment to the delivery of the wider A40 investment package.

Another way of achieving this accelerated delivery is a possible integration of the ST2 scheme and parts of HIF2 which will not only save time and reduce disruption but also save money. We are investigating this opportunity.

Additional funds

The good news for Oxfordshire is that additional funds have been granted to meet the higher than expected costs. This includes a £3 million Local Growth Fund grant from the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership and £12 million from the Oxfordshire Growth Board. Together with the main contribution of £35m from the Department of Transport, the revised total scheme budget is £51.2m.

Key milestones

Activity Date
Planning application determined February 2021
DfT Assurance Gateway Review February 2021
Detailed Design start (Park & Ride) April 2021
Full Business Case Submission to DfT May 2021
DfT unconditional funding approval August 2021
Detailed design started (A40 bus lanes) September 2021
All detailed design complete May 2022
Enabling works commence late 2021
Construction start – Park & Ride early 2022
Construction start - A40 bus lanes mid- 2022
All construction completed Autumn 2024

COVID-19 effects have been included as far as reasonably practicable within the timescales.

Why we are doing this project

The ST2 project and complementary schemes aim to develop additional highway space, connectivity and infrastructure to encourage a shift to more sustainable forms of travel.

This will allow us to meet our zero carbon transport network goals on public transport, walking and cycling and the delivery of wider health and planning benefits for residents and communities.

ST2 will be built to provide a congestion-free route into Oxford from the west for public transport and to the new science park planned for West Oxfordshire. In turn, this and associated improvements in public transport will encourage motorists to use buses, reducing congestion on the A40.

What we are proposing:

  • An eastbound bus lane on the A40 from Eynsham roundabout to a point immediately west of the bridge over the Duke’s Cut canal;
  • An 850-space park and ride car park next to the A40 in the Eynsham area with connecting bus services, including a dedicated access junction
  • Significantly enhanced walking and cycling infrastructure to promote these modes of travel
  • Improvements to the junctions of A40 with Elm Place, Cuckoo Lane and Witney Road in Eynsham together with the accesses to the Eynsham Service area and Evenlode public house.

A40 corridor strategy - longer term

The A40 long term strategy transport package was approved by Oxfordshire County Council Cabinet in May 2016.

This seeks to deliver

  • Further sections of A40 westbound bus lane to provide quicker return journeys to Eynsham park and ride and destinations served by the local bus network.
  • Provision of continuous eastbound bus route over the A40 Dukes Cut canal and the railway bridge on the approach to Wolvercote. Resolution of this pinch point would allow a continuous eastbound bus route from Carterton, Witney, and Eynsham Park and ride into Wolvercote roundabout, and high quality 3m wide shared cycle path separated from the general traffic lanes.
  • Extend the A40 Dual carriageway from Witney to Eynsham park and ride to increase capacity for all modes along the most heavily trafficked part of the route.
  • Explore the opportunity to provide a cycle link joining the A40 cycle route to National Cycle Network route 5 along the Oxford Canal at the Duke’s Cut.
  • A new shared cycle path along the B4044 from Eynsham to Botley, seeking to advance the Community Path scheme local group Bike Safe have developed.

We are exploring ways of funding this infrastructure package with Central Government, LEP, District Councils and other partners.

One possible source of funding may be the Housing Infrastructure Fund. We will keep this page up to date with funding announcements.

Public consultation 2018-19

The improving transport along the A40 corridor consultation was held between 30 November 2018 to 6 January 2019.

The detailed design and plans for the Eynsham Park and Ride and A40 Eastbound Bus Lane scheme was on display as well as the concept designs for further infrastructure improvements. Exhibitions were held at Cassington, Eynsham and Witney.

You can view the plans on the online consultation portal and read a report summarising the results of this consultation.

Public consultation 2017-18

A public consultation was held between the 1 December 2016 and 12 January 2017, to receive views on the feasibility design of the proposed A40 Eynsham Park and Ride and Bus Lane scheme. Read a report summarising the results of this consultation

Reports and studies

If you require access to any of the following appendices or technical notes, please contact lts.team@oxfordshire.gov.uk


A – Highways baseline study
B – Bridge review
C – Utility baseline study
D – Ecology report
E – Tree survey
F – Heritage Statement
G – Geoenvironmental Study
H – Constraints plan

Technical Notes:

B – Hedgerows
C – Officer Responses Workshop
D – Westbound bus lane options
E – Bridge constraint options
F – Footbridges
G – Parapet Risk Assessment
H – Officer Responses Workshop
I – Preliminary Bus Lane Design
J – Road Safety Audit
K– Habitat Regulation Assessments