The A40-A44 Strategic Link Road (via Loop Farm)

Construction of a link road between the A40 and the Loop Farm roundabout.

The North Oxford area is identified for significant growth in travel demands brought about by wider housing and employment growth in West and North Oxfordshire. However, the area is already under significant pressure with peak period congestion experienced on the A40, A44 and A34.   

What is the proposed scheme?

Establishment of a new link road to directly connect the A40 east of Dukes Cut  and the A44 at Loop Farm roundabout, with the aim of;

  • Reducing congestion in North Oxford and along the A40 to accommodate future traffic growth.
  • Improving connections between West Oxfordshire/A40, and A34, Oxford Parkway and Oxford Airport
  • Relieving congestion on key junctions in North Oxford.
  • To improve opportunities for public transport and other sustainable transport modes.

Statement on the scheme’s current position 

Following a review of the A40-A44 Strategic Link Road project, we have concluded that the scheme requires a review against wider measures to improve transport connectivity across north Oxford. The decision has therefore been taken to pause development of the link road project. The OxLEP Board have therefore approved funding previously identified to assist delivery of the link road to be directed towards improvements at Oxford station, which itself will support rail development around north Oxford.

The A40-A44 link road will now form part of a strategic review to inform the evolution of our Local Transport and Connectivity Plan (LTCP). This will ensure that the project is considered in the context of growing demands on the highway network and the significant Local Growth Fund and Housing Infrastructure Fund proposals across the A44, A40 and wider north Oxford area.  It will also allow the scheme to be considered in the context of investment and transformation of the North Cotswold Rail Line, which is being promoted by a cross authority partnership including both the county council and OxLEP.

Delivery of the link road project would require further funding. This would be sought as and when a case is made which demonstrates that the scheme positively benefits and enhances additional growth demands on the transport network and is in line with objectives of the emerging Local Transport and Connectivity Plan.

Oxfordshire County Council and the OxLEP Board have agreed that funding should be directed to the Oxford Station project, to help deliver a programme of much-needed works. The Oxford Station project has been outlined as the number one priority within the Oxfordshire Infrastructure Strategy (OXIS). Funding allocated to Oxford Station will complement a wider plan for significant enhancements to the rail network Oxford Station, including additional track and platform capacity, together with transport and connectivity improvements to Botley Road. Work will be delivered by Network Rail in conjunction with other key stakeholders.