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Enhanced partnership with local bus operators

Details of the our proposed enhanced partnership with local bus operators.

The National Bus Strategy requires local authorities and bus operators to enter into formal partnership arrangements for the future provision of services.

Enhanced partnership plan

The council has developed an enhanced partnership plan and scheme (pdf format, 1.4Mb) in partnership with bus operators.

In order to formally ‘make’ the plan and scheme, the council followed the statutory guidance and processes, consulting operators of qualifying local bus services and undertaking stakeholder consultation. No formal objections were received.

As of 18 January 2023, the plan and scheme were formally 'made' and are now in force across Oxfordshire.

Notice of intent

At our cabinet meeting on 22 June 2021, we resolved to proceed with developing an enhanced partnership and undertake a bus service improvement plan.

Confirmation of our intention to enter into an enhanced partnership with local bus operators is detailed in our notice of intent (pdf format, 72Kb).