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Oxfordshire Transport and Access Group

Having difficulty travelling on public transport or moving around your local area? Have your say.

Oxfordshire Transport and Access Group (OXTRAG) is a small, active, independent ‘service-user representative group’ and is supported in its work by Oxfordshire County Council. The group represents anyone who has difficulty in using the highways, the pavements, public transport and the related built environment because of physical or sensory disabilities.

It looks into and advises on difficulties faced specifically by people using public transport and highways.  The group offers this information to county, district and parish councillors, as well as other colleagues or partner links to help make changes.

About the meetings

We seek opinions on any disability issues that might arise when changes are being proposed. Participants include older people, carers and people with disabilities.  To be part of this group join OXTRAG today – see contact details.

OXTRAG are currently meeting online. We have reduced the frequency of meetings to quarterly with an AGM in the Autumn. At these meetings, participants and officers from many organisations (for example buses and train operatives, Unlimited Oxfordshire, local Access Groups, regional and national professional officers and bodies) discuss future proposals, or issues, which affect people of Oxfordshire with a disability. National issues are also discussed.

How you can help

By joining OXTRAG you can attend the regular meetings and increase their knowledge of transport in your area, bring issues to their notice and join in any campaigning.  Their campaigning has resulted in many of the transport and highway improvements that are enjoyed today.

If you would like to contribute or wish to seek advice about any transport issues, please contact:

Deborah Whelan – Chairperson