Street and resident parking permits

How to apply for permits for on-street parking in Oxford's controlled parking zones (CPZs).

We deal with parking permits for on-street parking in areas where controlled parking zones (CPZ) have been introduced (where parking is only permitted in designated parking bays).

Please note that you will receive a parking ticket if you park in a permit holder bay without displaying a valid resident or visitors permit.

About applying for a parking permit

Oxford is the only area of the county to have controlled parking zones.

  • For more information about the scheme and permit prices read the explanatory notes (pdf format, 133Kb).
  • If you are applying for a resident’s parking permit you will need to provide proof of your address and your vehicle registration certificate.
  • For visitors’ parking permits you will need to provide proof of your address only, for example, a utility bill or bank statement issued within the last three months, your most recent Council Tax document or a fully signed termed tenancy agreement.
  • Before committing to a contract with a letting agency and/or landlord email to confirm if the property is eligible for a visitor and/or residential parking permits

Apply for a permit

If you need to renew your parking permit you can do so one month before the current one is due to expire 

Not all properties are eligible for permits and there might be restrictions on the number of permits that can be issued to each property.

Contact us about a parking application

If you want to check if you are eligible or to find out the progress of your application email

Other types of permit

Contractor's permit

If you are a tradesperson and need to work in a controlled parking zone in Oxford, you can apply for a contractor's parking permit.

The standard cost is £20 (excluding VAT) per permit/or per week regardless of the number of days required.

For help or enquiries contact NSL Services on 0345 337 1138.

Apply for a contractor's parking permit

Business permit schemes

Businesses which operate from eligible business premises in a controlled parking zone (CPZ) may apply to the council to purchase a business parking permit.

Apply for a business parking permit

Information for students

If you are a student moving into a controlled parking zone (CPZ) and require a parking permit your vehicle must be registered in your name and at the Oxford address. A vehicle registration certificate (V5C) will be required to support your application.

Being the named driver on an insurance policy will not qualify you for a parking permit.

Applications must also be supported with official proof of your residency such as your fully signed termed tenancy agreement (should be signed by yourself, the letting agency and witnessed) or your Council Tax student exemption certificate or a recently dated utility bill or financial statement.

Your documents

If you can't upload documents now, complete the application form and afterwards you can take documents to be validated at the following libraries: