Temporary residential carers card

Apply for a temporary residential carers card.

Warning Carer’s cards will be issued to persons over the age of 70 as they have been advised to isolate.

About the temporary residential carers card

Carer’s cards will be issued initially for a period of five months to persons over the age of 70 who have been instructed to stay isolated at the advice of government.

The carer’s card will be valid for a maximum period of three hours at any one time.  Should the applicant require 24 hour care please tick the appropriate box.

A maximum of one carer’s card is available per property.

Two residents’ with similar needs at the same address cannot apply for two carers cards.

How to use the carers card

Carers can only park in ‘Resident Permit Holder Only’ bays and not on double yellow lines and is only valid in the street specified or the adjacent street if the nominated street is full. 

The carer’s card must be returned to the house immediately after use and left in a suitable place for others to retrieve.

Blue badge holders

If you are a blue badge holder please note the purpose of the disabled badge scheme is to allow disabled drivers/passengers to park close to their home or to premises being visited.

Others must not use the badge for their own convenience.

A disabled badge may be withdrawn from the holder if they misuse it or allow it to be used by others, and they may also be liable for a fine.

Who can apply

Residential carers cards are available to residents of eligible properties providing they can prove residency (household bill, bank statement etc. within the last three months) and proof of age.

What you need to provide

Proof of residency

You need to send a copy of (not the originals) one of the following:

  • Utility bill or financial statement dated within the last three months 
  • Council tax document for the current tax year
  • Official letter from organisations such as HMRC, NHS, Benefits agency, local Council etc. dated within the last three months

Proof of age

  • Passport
  • Over 70 TV Licence
  • Drivers Licence
  • Other

Contact us about a parking application

If you want to contact us about a parking permit email parking@oxfordshire.gov.uk.