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Travel advice during roadworks in Oxfordshire

Over the last few years we've been working on several major roadworks schemes. While we do our best to keep things moving, these can and do lead to congestion on the road network.

We’re working to make sure that the congestion we are seeing now during the work does not become a permanent feature of daily life due to traffic exceeding road capacity.

Delays will be a fact of life on some routes for some time, but there are travel choices you can make that may improve your journey.


Buses are often able to use dedicated bus lanes during roadworks, and can free up road space for those with no alternative but to travel by car. Even if you are stuck in traffic many buses offer wifi, and offer a chance to read or check emails.


All Oxford park and rides have cycling facilities, and may be faster than driving or public transport. You could also save money on travel.

On foot

In some cases it may be quicker and healthier to walk. Google maps can help you get an idea of distances and times. Or why not add a jog or run into your daily routine?

Travel outside of peak times 

Even half an hour may make a big difference to your journey time. And some people may be able to vary their working patterns or work remotely.

By car 

If you have no alternative but to travel by car, consider liftsharing to help reduce numbers on the road. Oxfordshire liftshare provides a matching service for all those who live, work and travel in and around Oxfordshire as well as longer journeys to other locations outside the county.

Helpful tools to plan your journey

Travel Line provides an easy A-to-B service which shows how to travel where you need to be by public transport

Google maps provides live snapshots of congestion and journey times in key locations so that you can judge whether the bus or train would be a better option than sitting in traffic.  provide details of roadworks taking place, as well as any diversions