Grass verge cutting programme

Details of our summer grass cutting programme

In 2019, the county council will carry out one general cut a year across the whole of the county's road network. This includes visibility splays at junctions and grass verges one metre back from the kerb. We started the general cut in May 2019.

We are also dealing with visibility splay sites in accordance with safety requirements of individual sites as they are reported to us (or observed by highway inspectors).


Programme activity / area Start End
Rural roads, grass cutting at junctions May June
Cycleways June August
Nature reserves July October
Dual carriageways, grass cutting at junctions June July
Rural roads verge grass cutting (from the road edge cutting back 1 metre)
Start at A44 & Kidlington July  
Finish at A420   Sept
Rural (outside 30 mph speed limit) 1 metre grass cutting
West - N1A August August
West - N1 B July August
West - N1 C August August
Cherwell - N2A July August
Cherwell - N2C July August
Cherwell - N2D  August August
Vale - S1A July August
Vale - S1B July August
Vale and South - S1 D August August
South - S2 B August August
South - S2 C July August
South - S2 D August Sept
Urban village (within 30 mph speed limit)
West - Witney N1 August Sept
Cherwell - Bicester N2 Early August August
Vale - S1 A,B,C July August
Vale - S W Dray. S1B August Sept
South - Wallingford - S 2 Sept Sept

Large map showing areas of grass cutting (gif format, 562Kb)

Working with Parishes

We have also been working closely with a number of parish councils across Oxfordshire to provide grants to parishes who have a local desire to increase the frequency of general cutting. Parish councils can also do more cuts over and above this.


  • We take safety very seriously and prioritise our grass cutting at junctions to maintain visibility, speed limit and hazard signs and crossings
  • Safety cuts will be done regardless – they are not affected by the reduction in frequency

How can I report issues?

If you're worried that grass poses an immediate risk to road safety, please report it via our Customer Service Centre on 0345 310 1111.

For all other issues, such as overgrown footpaths and cycle routes, report it online. Provide photographs if possible to help us understand your concerns.