A361 Road Safety Improvements Project

Opportunity to improve safety for all road users on A361 between Banbury and Chipping Norton.

This project proposes improvements to safety on A361 which include: carriageway resurfacing, drainage improvements, vegetation clearance to improve sight lines, footway improvements, Wykham Lane and Ells Lane/Bloxham Grove Road junctions’ improvements, relining and signage, speed limit reductions and new safety fencing.

Latest update

A361 South Newington carriageway resurfacing work

Skanska have now completed the pre-works related to drainage and are now ready to start the essential carriageway maintenance works.

The planned works are going to be undertaken on the A361 through South Newington village between Barford Road and New Road.

The works are programmed to start on 26 November 2018 at 8pm and are expected to last for five nights. This is subject to any bad weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances during construction.

Works will include vegetation clearance, sign renewals, drainage and ironwork repairs and the resurfacing of the existing carriageway. All required road markings and lining will be reinstated upon the completion of the resurfacing activities.

Traffic management

In order to keep traffic disruption to a minimum, the works will be carried out under night-time road closures from 8pm to 6am.

The work is programmed so that the louder activities will be completed by 11pm, however there will be some construction noise for the duration of the works.

The A361 through South Newington will be re-opened outside of these hours and between any consecutive shifts. An approved signed diversion route will be put in place.

What has already happened?

In the last few months, we have been progressing the enabling works on the A361 section from Banbury to Chipping Norton.

The activities included:

  • Programme of advanced works for South Newington
  • Assessment of vehicle crash barrier (safety fence) south of South Newington
  • Advanced vegetation clearance prior to design work along the entire route
  • Topographical and utilities surveys
  • Drainage surveys
  • Signs and lines survey
  • Accident analysis on two study junctions
  • Surface condition assessment and prioritisation exercise

What is going to happen over next few months?

  1. Design of safety improvements to Wykham Lane and Ells Lane/Bloxham Grove Road junctions
  2. Assessment of structural condition of the carriageway and coring    
  3. Maintenance of existing signs and lines
  4. Programme of works for remaining sections will be prepared

Why we are doing this project?

The Safer Roads Foundation (SRF) identified A361, between Banbury and Chipping Norton, as one of the 50 sections of A-class roads with the highest risk of fatal and serious road traffic accidents.

The accidents recorded on the route were quite diverse but include loss of control incidents, particularly at bends and junction accidents. The higher severity accidents are mainly on the more rural stretches, with comparatively few being recorded within the two villages Bloxham and South Newington. 

The Oxfordshire County Council was invited to bid for funding allocated by the Department for Transport (DfT) and following work to identify appropriate measures to reduce accident risk to all users, a bid was submitted in April 2017 to the DfT and was successful.  

Subsequently, we have received £4.135m to deliver the agreed A361 road safety improvements by 31st March 2020.

What are we proposing?

Measures to reduce the risk of accidents on A361 from Banbury to Chipping Norton.

Key changes

The key changes that will be brought about by this project to reduce the likelihood and impact of accidents, include:

  1. Vegetation clearance
  2. Carriageway re-surfacing
  3. Reduced speed limits
  4. Improved junctions at Bloxham Grove Road and Wykham Lane
  5. Improved road markings and signage
  6. Improved drainage
  7. New safety fencing south of South Newington
  8. Improved footway for all users

Public consultation

We will hold a public consultation related to speed limits reduction on A361 in Spring 2019.