Walk or cycle to school

Active travel is a great way to start the day.

By choosing active travel you are helping make the roads around school safer and reduce pollution at the school gate. 

It helps us to thrive, be healthier and happier, as well as being great for the planet too. And exercise at the start of the day gives children a boost and helps them be alert and ready to learn.

By walking, cycling, or scooting to school you are also helping increase your child’s road awareness, setting them on the path to becoming a confident, safe, and independent road user.

Walking to school

Follow Footsteps a handy guide from Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service to  help you support your child to become a confident, safe, and independent pedestrian

  • Find the best and safest route to school.
  • Be safe be seen, wear bright or fluorescent colours.

Cycling to school

  • Check your bikes, are they safe? Regularly check the brakes work and the wheels are pumped up.
  • Children learn from watching us and you’re a great role model. Follow Oxfordshire fire and rescue service’s top tips for cycling with children.
  • Find the best and safest route to school.

Park and stride

If you need to drive to school, park a short distance away and walk or scoot for the last 10 mins.

Street Tag

Play Street Tag, the fun, free, fitness app that offers rewards for exercise, collect points, and compete for rewards for your primary school.