Quickways cycle route consultation

Cycle routes linking key destinations via main routes into the city centre

As a key part of the overall active travel programme, we are proposing to introduce quickways routes to some of the main highways in Oxford. This will make cycling safer and smoother across the city with fewer delays.

Quickways are continuous and well-designed cycle lanes on main routes to improve traffic flow and safety, with revision of speed limits where necessary to ease flow and boost safety for all our road users. They are a key part of the wider Active Travel initiative, to establish a dual choice cycle network for direct cycling (answering to Policy OC10 in the Oxfordshire Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan). The project is funded by the Department for Transport (Active Travel Fund Tranche 2).

Oxford’s historic streets and built density mean that it is not always possible to create fully separate cycle lanes, so where road width allows the preferred option is to create a minimum 1.5m width cycle lane at the side of the highway. This can be achieved through using space that already exists at the roadside, though it will reduce some on-street parking options. Additionally, there will be advanced stop lines at traffic light junctions and pedestrian crossings.

Key dates

  • 20 September 2021- Informal consultation opens
  • 31 October 2021 - Informal consultation closed
  • November/December 2021 - Traffic Regulation Order statutory consultation
  • January/February 2022 - Cabinet member decision
  • Spring/Summer 2022 - On-street implementation

The Oxford quickway cycle route consultation has been extended by two weeks and will now remain open until midnight on 31 October 2021.

Go to the consultation

For further questions after 20 September you can contact: quickways@oxfordshire.gov.uk or, for general information, speak to our customer service team: 01865 792422

Proposed streets for quickways are:

  • Cowley Road / Oxford Road
  • Iffley Road / Henley Avenue / Rose Hill
  • St Clement's Street
  • Donnington Bridge Road
  • Marston Road
  • Morrell Avenue
  • Between Towns Road / Church Cowley Road
  • Banbury Road / St Giles
  • Parks Road (quietways)

Parks Road is proposed as a quietway that provides a link into the Banbury Road/St Giles quickway. Quietways are well-connected cycle routes, with similar principles as quickways but following highway routes with lower traffic activity and are less direct.