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Report a problem

All significant problems can be reported online.

Report an emergency pothole

Our emergency pothole criteria are that any pothole may need urgent attention if they are more than 40 millimetres in depth and/or 120 millimetres in width, or, as a simple guide:

  • Deeper than a milk bottle
  • Bigger than a dustbin lid
  • Deeper than a tennis ball, bigger than a dinner plate and on a busy road
  • Deeper than a coke can on a pathway or busy road
  • Deeper than a coke can and bigger than a dinner plate on a quiet road

If a pothole has been outlined with paint it has already been inspected by our team and programmed to be fixed, so you don't need to report it.

Only if the pothole meets the above criteria, call us on 0345 310 1111.

All other significant potholes can be reported online.

Request an update to an existing highways problem

Use this form to update an existing problem.

You will need to enter the reference number of the reported problem. Any new problems can be reported online.