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The Oxfordshire Museum galleries

Each of the Museum’s ten galleries explores an aspect of the story of Oxfordshire and its people.

Introducing Oxfordshire

  • Items representing  500,000 years of human history and natural history of Oxfordshire
  • carnival costume
  • amazing 3D display

Victorian Oxfordshire

Features include:

  • more than 100 artefacts from our county collection
  • a full-sized model of Queen Victoria
  • story of Victorian Oxfordshire
  • Victorian homes and family life, schools and religion
  • the Great Exhibition
  • sanitary developments with the flushing toilet

See History workshops for schools.


  • A taste of the social, economic and natural history of the county’s woodlands
  • woodlands artefacts
  • Lucy Casson sculptures made from recycled metal containers

The Changing Countryside

Did you know that the Oxfordshire countryside has changed more in the past 70 years than in the previous seven centuries?

  • A thought-provoking look at the rapid changes that have occurred in farming, transport and rural development since 1945
  • some of the unexpected effects that have become apparent on wildlife and climate
  • touch the beautiful articulated wooden fish by Jeff Soan. The technique which he has used since 1987, produces sinuous and lifelike movement.


Features include:

  • a range of dinosaur activities including 'feed the dinosaurs'
  • dressing up
  • dinosaur fossils, facts and quiz
  • dinosaur DVD
  • an electronic moving eye

Anglo-Saxons in Oxfordshire

With Pagan burials, Viking treasure and the craftsmanship of master sword makers this exhibition explores the stories, life and battles of Oxfordshire’s Anglo-Saxons.

From a revered elder buried with treasure to the food they ate and clothes they wore, Anglo-Saxons in Oxfordshire will tell the story of Oxfordshire’s role in the creation of England.

Oxfordshire's Ark

  • In this gallery, we explore what the museum service collects and why, where the objects came from and what happens to them once they have been collected.
  • Displaying a collection that represents the natural and human life of the county including things made in or used by the county.


The Smock-Frock is present through many generations in various styles and fabrics.

Using our collection from Oxfordshire and Berkshire, we take you on a journey looking at working life, The Great Exhibition, Sunday best, revival and reproduction, Arts and Crafts, fashion and nostalgia.

Roman Oxfordshire

  • This gallery illustrates objects recovered by archaeologists which help us to build a picture of Roman Oxfordshire.
  • Skeleton found at Abingdon buried in a lead coffin
  • This gallery also displays the 18th Century Stonesfield embroidery -  our largest exhibit relating to Roman Oxfordshire


Discover Woodstock’s history from 1120s to modern day, its industry from gloving and Woodstock steel and the influence of Blenheim Palace.