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Visiting the Museums Resource Centre

The centre houses the county collections of archaeology and history.

Location and contact details

The Museums Resource Centre is next to the A415, approximately four miles south of Witney.

Museums Resource Centre
Cotswold Dene
OX29 7QG

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Opening hours and visiting the resource centre

The centre is open to the public by appointment – contact us to make an appointment. We welcome individual requests or group bookings and can arrange to open in the evening or at weekends for booked parties.

About the collections

The Oxfordshire Museum Service collects and preserves a wide range of objects carefully selected to reflect life in Oxfordshire. We welcome enquiries and visits by prior agreement. Our staff have specialist knowledge in:

  • archaeology
  • history - objects from the 17th century to the present day
  • rural collections
  • textiles
  • pictures and photographs.

We can give you information on:

  • how to see the collections
  • object identification
  • curatorial support
  • volunteering opportunities
  • advice on how to care for your treasured heirlooms
  • conservation and exhibition services.

About the Museums Resource Centre building

The unique, tent-like structure has a roof designed to recall a medieval pavilion. The weather vanes were made by artist Ray Smith and were inspired by museum objects housed in the centre.

Inside, the atmosphere alters gently with the seasons, buffering collections from the sudden variations in humidity and temperature that can cause objects to crack. A computerised air-handling system constantly filters the air, monitoring and adjusting conditions.