District valuation maps and books

Maps produced in the nationwide valuation of property following the 1910 Finance Act.

The District Valuation survey, sometimes called the Domesday survey, was carried out between 1910-1915 across England and Wales. The survey was overseen by the Valuation Office as result of the Finance Act 1910, which provided for the levy and collection of a duty across the whole country.

Oxfordshire History Centre holds District Valuation (DV) records for the whole of the historic county of Oxfordshire. For similar records covering the Vale of White Horse area you will need to contact Berkshire Record Office.

Online search

Use our searchable catalogue of the Oxfordshire DV records by entering the parish (e.g. Wroxton). You will then be able to view each of the maps or book where that parish appears. Your search may return multiple maps to cover the whole of the parish.

Warning: Some files are larger than 30Mb and will take some time to download if you have a slow internet connection.

Interactive map search

It is also possible to search for Oxfordshire DV maps and valuation books via an interactive map available in Oxfordshire History Centre’s public searchroom.

The records

There are two main types of District Valuation records which are available here; the Valuation books and the working copies of the maps, which were based on the 1:2500 second edition ordnance survey maps. These documents work together so both are necessary to fully understand the records.  The maps show the boundaries of the different parcels of land, each marked with a plot number whilst the valuation books are arranged by plot number and provide the details of the owner/occupier and the valuation.

These records are an excellent source for people researching the history of their house or other properties and can be used with the 1911 census as well as earlier ordnance survey maps to build up an overall picture.

Further records including the field books and final maps can be found at the National Archives and they have produced a research guide which provides further information.

Map sizes

Each Valuation District is based on large-scale Ordnance Survey maps - usually 1:2500 (25 inches to the mile) or 1:1250 (50 inches) – with individual properties and land-holdings identified by their hereditament numbers. One copy of the map was kept as a permanent record from the date of valuation and is now held at The National Archives. The other was used as a working copy to record later changes and was kept by the local authority archives.