Safety advice

Help to make you, your family and your home safer.

At home

Visit for top tips and advice on how you could make you, your family and your home safer.

Safe and well

If you would like us to we will visit you in your home to see what we can do to help you reduce the risk of fire, such as checking and fitting smoke alarms, find out how to request a Safe & Well visit at We can also have a chat with you to see if you could improve your health and wellbeing as well.

Smoke alarms

Did you know that you are more than four times more likely to die in a fire at home if you do not have a working smoke alarm? A smoke alarm is the easiest way to alert everyone in the house to the danger of fire, giving you precious time for you and your loved ones to escape. They are cheap, easy to get hold of and easy to fit.

Electric blankets

All electrical systems have the potential to go wrong, including electric blankets.

Free electric blanket testing is offered over a two week period in autumn in a scheme covering the whole county.

Make an escape plan

Would you and your family know what to do if you had a fire in your home night? It can be difficult to think clearly in an emergency, make sure you have an escape plan.

Sight, hearing or mobility difficulties

Whether you have a mobility, sight or hearing difficulty or are elderly, we can provide fire safety advice. One of our Home and Community Safety Advisors could visit you in your own home to help you carry out a Safe and Well check. Visit our website for our top safety tips and advice.


If your love spending time outside whatever the, whether you’re a barbecue chef, enjoy walks in the countryside, trips on the river or camping in the great outdoors visit for seasonal tips and advice.

On the roads

However you travel, whether you're on foot, cycling, riding your motorcycle or driving there are lots of tips and advice to help you have a safe journey at


Walking’s a great way to keep healthy and helps to reduce pollution. Be safe, been seen and take a look at our top tips and advice to make sure you and your family are safe on the road.


Whether you cycle to work, school or just for pleasure we’ve put a few tips together to help you make sure you have a safe journey.


If you enjoy the thrill of the open road plan the perfect ride by taking a look at our top tips and ‘#ridesafe.

Don’t just be a good rider be the best

You may be newly qualified or returning to biking after a period of time away from the bike. Even if you’ve been riding for years there’s always something new to learn, a skill to refresh or a bad riding habit to break.

Have you considered going on an advanced motorcycle training course?

Biker down

You’re the first on the scene of an accident involving a biker. Do you know what to do? Would you know who’s most at risk? How to protect the area? Or whether you should remove the helmet of a downed rider?

Attend a free Biker Down workshop to learn the practical skills of what to do if you are first on scene at a crash involving a motorcyclist.

Drivers and passengers

We can all do our bit to help to make Oxfordshire’s roads safer, so we’ve put together lots of tips and advice on take a look and see what you could do to help make our roads safer.

Brake before the bend

Do you enjoy a leisurely country drive or the freedom of the open road without lots of traffic jams and honking horns? Did you know more crashes happen on country roads than any other type of road? In Oxfordshire 1 in every 3 roads deaths happen on a rural bend. That’s why we are supporting the Think! ‘Brake before the bend not on it!’ campaign.


Enter Drago’s fun and safety zone for games, colouring, masks and Drago’s fire and road safety advice.  You can even become a member of Drago’s fire safety awareness crew!