Domestic abuse information for professionals

Sources of information and guidance for agencies and professionals.

Getting help

Agencies are encouraged to contact ODAS via email rather than through the helpline.

Professionals should follow the adult referral pathway for domestic abuse (pdf format, 266Kb).

Protecting young people

All professionals who become aware of a young person experiencing or perpetrating domestic abuse within a relationship have a responsibility to follow the Domestic Abuse Pathway for Young People (pdf format, 332Kb). It concerns children and young people up to 18 or 25 for some care leavers. 


We have introduced a structured, modular approach to domestic abuse training based on expected prior knowledge and professional requirements.

‘Universal’ modules are for all practitioners and volunteers who contact the public in Oxfordshire. At least one of these courses need to be completed before progression to any of the ‘targeted’ training courses offered.

‘Targeted’ modules are for any practitioner or volunteer who works with those who may be affected by domestic abuse in Oxfordshire. You can only access targeted courses once the specified universal module has been completed.

‘Role’ modules are the second tier of targeted courses and involve ongoing responsibilities and organisational commitment to the role. You can only access role courses once the specified universal and target modules have been completed.

Our strategic approach to domestic abuse

In 2019, we co-produced our five-year Domestic Abuse Strategy (pdf format, 785Kb) with the help of a wide range of partners and stakeholders to ensure that the people and agencies of Oxfordshire take a consistent and proactive response to domestic abuse. This strategy commits us to work together and strengthening our efforts to prevent and tackle domestic abuse against all victim-survivors in all its forms.