Reduce your food waste

Reducing the amount of food waste that needs to be collected.

Love Food, Hate Waste

Did you know that in Oxfordshire 30 per cent of the average rubbish bin is made up of food? And most of this could have been eaten. This is really bad news for the environment and is wasting us all a lot of money.

Oxfordshire councils support the national Love Food Hate Waste campaign. Follow Oxfordshire Recycles on Facebook or Twitter for practical tips, hacks and recipes to help you make your food go further and get the most out of your money.

Replenish Project

To help people take action on food waste locally, Oxfordshire County Council funds the Replenish Project, a network of trained volunteers of Food Waste Advisors.

Food Waste Advisors attend events, set up projects and work with local community groups as well as friends and neighbours - wherever they feel they can help.

If you’d like to join the project or would like a Food Waste Advisor to attend your event please contact the Replenish Project.

Due to COVID-19 face-to-face events can't be attended but Replenish will help provide support where they can.

Composting food waste at home

Find out how to buy a discounted home compost bin, and how to use it. Home composting can generate a free, high quality compost for your garden.

If food waste is unavoidable, all Oxfordshire district councils provide food waste collections, which have huge benefits for the environment and save money.

Part of Oxfordshire Recycles

This information is from Oxfordshire Recycles, a partnership of Oxfordshire’s county and district councils working together to reduce waste.