Reopening of household waste recycling centres (HWRC)

Our centres are open with amended site rules in line with guidance.

All rules and procedures will be regularly reviewed and restrictions may be lifted.

You can make as many trips as you wish but consider if each trip is essential. Site staff will not be challenging residents on their decision. 

Find a household waste recycling centre.

Key changes on-site

Site staff are carrying out regular cleaning of handrails and other commonly touched areas.

New site rules (updated 22 June)

  • Keep 2m apart from staff and other users.
  • Only one person allowed out of the vehicle at any time, unless help is needed to unload heavy items.
  • Staff are unable to help unload vehicles but can answer questions and give directions.
  • Trailers are allowed
  • Hire vans are allowed
  • Contactless payment only for DIY waste charges (receipts can be sent by text or email)
  • At some sites only one person at a time can access a container.
  • Every other parking space has been cordoned off.

See a video of our new site rules and read our usual rules page.

Opening hours

All sites will be open Monday to Sunday, 8am - 5pm (8am - 8pm on Thursdays between April and September only). You do not need to book.

When there are long waiting times to enter the HWRC staff may close the queue earlier than the advertised closing time based on an assessment of the queue time, If you have queued near to closing time you may continue to queue off the highway, but please be aware that you may not gain entry when the gates close at 5pm.  

Staff on-site

Staff are not able to help unload vehicles to maintain social distancing and avoid unnecessary contact. If you can't manage large/heavy items by yourself safely, you can bring a member of your household to assist.

When approaching a member of staff to ask a question, ensure you remain at least 2m away.

Site staff have the option of wearing face coverings and additional PPE, and some have chosen to do so. PPE is not mandatory, and we support the decision made by each staff member.

All sites have CCTV and site teams have bodycams. There is a zero-tolerance of abuse and threatening behaviour to site teams. We may ban anyone breaking these rules from our sites.

Check before you travel

In order to maintain social distancing, we have cordoned off every other parking space, effectively reducing site capacity by half.  

If queues start to cause problems, sites may temporarily close. Police may disperse queues. If this happens, we'll ask you to come back another time to deposit your waste.

Warning Flytipping is illegal and can result in a fine up to £50,000 and 12 months imprisonment. Or an unlimited fine and five years imprisonment if sent to the crown court.

Hire vans and trailers

If you are depositing your household waste in a hire van you will need to show the hire paperwork to site staff on arrival. The paperwork must be displayed to staff through a closed window. 

All waste types accepted

Sites are accepting all usual types of waste. Search online for details of what is accepted. 

Personal waste

Things like used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths should be securely stored in disposable rubbish bags. These bags should be placed in another bag, tied and kept separate from other waste.

Studies show that the virus is unable to survive outside of the body for more than 72 hours. Storing infected waste for that length of time before disposal helps to protect others.

Other items

Put recycling, food, and all other types of waste can in the correct bin at the kerbside or HWRC as usual. No special arrangements are needed.

Ill, vulnerable or shielding residents

If you or a member of your household are self-isolating after displaying symptoms, do not visit. 

If you are in a vulnerable group and shielding, then a visit will be at your own risk. We advise that you follow government advice for your protection.

We cannot check people for symptoms before they enter the site. We strongly urge you to be socially responsible and not risk spreading the virus by ignoring advice.

Residents from outside of Oxfordshire

If you live outside of Oxfordshire and need to visit a HWRC to deposit your waste, please contact your local council to see what arrangements are available in your area.

Alternatives to visiting

If you do not wish to queue there are other options: