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Hazardous household waste

How you can dispose of hazardous household waste.

Hazardous waste means rubbish with certain characteristics that cause danger to health or the environment. These may be chemical, explosive, radioactive or other characteristics.

Waste Recycling Centres can take certain types of household hazardous waste, including:

  • pesticides
  • insecticides
  • batteries
  • household cleaning chemicals
  • other garden chemicals
  • car care products
  • aerosols
  • photographic chemicals
  • solvent based liquid paint e.g. gloss
  • paint thinner.

You can dispose of asbestos at Ardley, Redbridge or Dix Pit waste recycling centre (although you must telephone in advance).

Explosives such as fireworks and flares cannot be taken to a Waste Recycling Centre.

More information on these, and how to dispose of other items can be found on our item search page.