New Minerals and Waste Local Plan

A new framework of minerals and waste policies and proposals is being prepared.

We are preparing the new Oxfordshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan to provide up to date minerals and waste planning polices and proposals for the period to 2031. The new Local Plan is in two parts: Part 1 – Core Strategy; Part 2 – Site Allocations. It will replace the existing Minerals and Waste Local Plan which was adopted in 1996.

The Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Part 1 – Core Strategy was adopted on 12 September 2017 and we have now commenced work on Part 2 – Site Allocations (Sites Plan).

The Core Strategy sets out the vision, objectives, spatial planning strategy and policies for meeting development requirements for the supply of minerals and the management of waste in Oxfordshire over the period to 2031, and the Sites Plan sets out those mineral and waste sites needed to deliver the Core Strategy.

To view the Core Strategy and associated documents please visit the Core Strategy page.

Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Part 2 – Site Allocations

The recent Regulation 18 public consultation on the MWLP preferred site options, in January – March 2020, received over 500 detailed responses from a wide range of individuals and organizations.

Officers have been reviewing all the responses received and all the information and details contained within them is being considered. We are now in the process of obtaining further evidence to ensure that our Plan is based on a solid and sound evidence base.

Furthermore, since the public consultation earlier in the year the position on planning permissions and resolutions to grant planning permission has been updated.

Therefore, officers are currently working through the detailed responses and the implications for the selection of identified preferred Minerals and Waste sites. This will include reviewing the evidence on which the choice of preferred sites was made.

A revised Minerals and Waste Development Scheme, setting out the timetable of the Plans production, is currently being prepared in light of this additional evidence gathering. 

The Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Part 1 Core Strategy remains in place and contains the adopted Policy, guiding future Minerals and Waste development in Oxfordshire.

If you wish to be kept informed of the Plan’s production please contact the Minerals and Waste Team (Details below).

Regulation 18 Consultation January to March 2020

We consulted on the Preferred Options of the Sites Plan  (Draft Sites Plan) between Wednesday 22 January and Wednesday 4 March 2020.

The consultation has now closed.  We are now considering all the responses received.

The consultation, (Regulation 18), followed the previous Issues and Options consultation in 2018, along with work undertaken on site assessments and evidence gathering.

This Draft Sites Plan identifies those sites we believe can best deliver the policies within the Core Strategy.   It sets out the preferred mineral extraction and waste management sites that we believe will be needed in Oxfordshire, including where it should be located, up to 2031.

The Draft Sites Plan identified four mineral extraction sites and nine waste management sites as our Preferred Options.  

A number of documents were prepared to support the production of the Draft Sites Plan. The following are available to view:

If you would like to be kept informed of future consultations, please contact us, using the details at the bottom of this page.

Additional Site Nominations consultation

In addition to this Preferred Options consultation we also consulted on a further two sites submitted for possible inclusion within the Plan. 

These sites are:

The consultation on these two sites also ran from Wednesday 22 January to 4pm Wednesday 4 March. We are now considering all responses received to this consultation

If you would like to be kept informed of future consultations, please contact us, using the details at the bottom of this page.

Previous consultation

We previously undertook a consultation on the issues and options for the Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Part 2 – Site Allocations from Wednesday 4 August to Wednesday 3 October 2018.

The Issues and Options consultation invited views on:

  • What the Sites Plan should cover?
  • What issues the Plan should address?
  • What options should be considered? – in particular, which sites should be considered for allocation for minerals and waste development?
  • What information will assist in the assessment of these options?

This Issues and Options consultation was the first key stage in the preparation of the Site Allocation Plan and was the first formal stage of consultation. 

Site Assessment Methodology and Sustainability Appraisal

As part of the Issues and Options consultation in August/October 2018 we sought comments on the revised Sustainability Appraisal and Site Assessment Methodology which have been used in the preparation of the Draft Site Plan.

The Site Assessment Methodology sets out the methodology we propose to use to assess sites for possible allocation in the Sites Plan.

The Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report comprises Stage A of the sustainability appraisal process, setting the context and objectives, establishing the baseline and deciding on the scope. It identifies other relevant policies, plans and programmes, includes baseline information, and identifies sustainability issues, problems and objectives in order to develop the sustainability appraisal framework.

 We originally consulted on the Methodology and a Sustainability Appraisal scoping report (including the requirements for Strategic Environmental Assessment) as part of the initial work on the Sites plan in January/February 2018. This can be found below:

Minerals sites

Information about potential future minerals sites can be found on the minerals sites page.

Waste sites

Information about potential future waste sites can be found on the waste sites page.

Timetable for plan preparation

The Oxfordshire Minerals and Waste Development Scheme (tenth revision) 2020 came into effect on 17 March 2020 following slippages in timescales. It sets out the documents which we propose to prepare as part of the Oxfordshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan; the planning policy status, subject matter and geographical coverage of each document; and the timetable for preparing them.

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

The County Council wants to make sure that everyone within an interest in Minerals, Waste and County Council developments within Oxfordshire has the opportunity to be actively and meaningfully involved. 

The Oxfordshire Statement of Community Involvement sets out how the County Council will engage with and involve people and organisations in the preparation of the Minerals and Waste Local Plan and in the consideration of planning applications for Minerals, Waste and County Council developments.

Following some recent changes in planning laws and procedures, the Council decided that the Statement of Community Involvement should be reviewed and updated.

The County Council approved their revised Statement of Community Involvement in May 2020.

Oxfordshire Local Aggregate Assessment (LAA)

The council is required to produce a Local Aggregate Assessment (LAA) and to update it annually. This includes forecasts of the demand for aggregates, an analysis of all aggregate supply options and the rate of future provision for land-won primary aggregates in Oxfordshire. The latest LAA was published in 2019.

Previous LAA’s

Preparation of an updated Oxfordshire LAA for 2015 was delayed pending publication by the government of the full results of the Aggregate Minerals Survey 2014 for England and Wales. In the absence of a full LAA, the council prepared a draft interim update LAA 2015 for the South East England Aggregate Working Party meeting on 10 November 2015. This is available below

Information from annual surveys of quarry sales and reserves in Oxfordshire for 2015 to 2017 are available below.

Annual monitoring reports

We prepare an annual monitoring report each year which reports on and monitors the policies in the Minerals and Waste Local Plan. Annual monitoring reports will, in particular, report on:

  • progress on implementation of the Minerals and Waste Development Scheme and preparation of the Minerals and Waste Local Plan
  • the extent to which policies in the Minerals and Waste Local Plan are being achieved.

The most recent annual monitoring reports are available below. For earlier reports, back to 2005, please contact us 

Keeping you informed

We are holding a register of people and organisations with an interest in the Minerals and Waste Local Plan. This will only be used for the purposes of keeping people informed about progress in preparing Minerals and Waste Local Plan documents and when documents are published, and for consultation at appropriate stages. If you would like to be included on the register, please contact us.  If you would like to be removed from the register at any point please contact us and we will remove your details.