Oxford Green Belt Way

A 50 mile circular walk providing excellent views of Oxford, Otmoor, Foxcombe Hill and Wytham Woods.

The Oxford Green Belt Way, created by CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) Oxfordshire in 2007, is a 50 mile circular walk, published to mark CPRE's 75th birthday, and to highlight the importance of the Green Belt, which was created around Oxford 50 years ago. Go to our interactive countryside access map to view the route of the Green Belt Way.

The CPRE Oxford Green Belt Way links Oxford's Park and Ride sites and is crossed by major bus routes, making it easy for city and village dwellers to access the route and to travel back to their starting point.

The route provides excellent views of Oxford's "dreaming spires", as well as of Otmoor, Foxcombe Hill and Wytham Woods. The walk uses existing public rights of way.

The Oxford Green Belt Way has been created with the help of Oxfordshire County Council's Countryside Service and the Oxford Fieldpaths Society.

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