About volunteering in Oxfordshire

How to make a difference to the lives of people across the county.

Every day in Oxfordshire people challenge themselves, make a difference, have fun, and make new friends.

Their time is priceless, but it adds great value to the Oxfordshire economy each year. They 

They are Oxfordshire's volunteers. Or, #oxonteers as we like to call them.

A little of your time

Volunteering doesn't have to take over your life. A little bit of your time can make a big difference to the lives of people across the county.

Whether it’s once a week, once a month, or once a year, a few hours of volunteering can offer

  • great, sociable activities
  • energising, eye-opening experiences
  • a real sense of satisfaction by making a difference
  • a chance to try out new things

Lots of people benefit from the hard work of volunteers every day.

You don't need to volunteer formally

If you would prefer not to commit regularly, you could just help out a neighbour now and again. Why not ask an elderly neighbour if they would like you to pull up some weeds or trim their hedges, the next time you have your gardening gloves on? 

Any type of volunteering is greatly appreciated, and offers a rewarding experience.