Oxfordshire Compact

Policy for guiding and improving our relationship with the voluntary, community and faith sector.

The Oxfordshire Compact is a set of guidelines and principles which supports good practice, better and effective working relationships between public authorities and the voluntary, community and faith sectors.

Oxfordshire Stronger Communities Alliance is the steering group for the Oxfordshire Compact and oversees work to develop the guidelines, known as 'codes'.


The five codes are:

  • Funding code (completed)
  • Consultation code (completed)
  • Equality and diversity code (completed)
  • Volunteering code (to be developed)
  • Community groups (to be developed)

The Compact document and the codes of practice set out commitments that signatories to it have agreed to. It can assist discussions and negotiations on relationships and working between public authorities and voluntary, community and faith sector organisations.

Public authorities signed up to the Compact include the county council, city, districts, NHS/ PCT and Thames Valley Police.

If you are a voluntary, community or faith organisation/ group and would like to find out more about the Compact and how it relates to your work - or to become a signatory - please contact the OCVA Strategic Partnerships Manager.