Green weddings

Many couples want to make their special day as eco-friendly as possible.

Invitations and photographs

  • If you send out 'hard copies' of invites, choose recycled, instead of brand-new, paper or card.
  • Or set up a wedding website - you can include all the relevant details you need – date, time, venue, and wedding lists – as well as add the important photos afterwards. The big advantage is that you can update it regularly.
  • Encourage friends and family to reply by email too, to save on RSVP cards and letters.

Recycled rings

  • Look for rings in antique shops or at student art shows or choose ones made from other materials such as wood.
  • Look for recycled gold or fair trade silver on the internet, or for conflict-free diamonds (see the Kimberley Process website)

Something borrowed

  • You don't necessarily need a brand new outfit to look your best on your wedding day - try a charity shop that specialises in wedding outfits.

Food and drink

  • Choose hotels and restaurants which source locally produced and seasonal ingredients.
  • If you are hosting your own event, buy organic wine, spirits, beer and soft drinks from such providers as Vinceremos, Vintage Roots or Festival Wines.
  • Try, wherever possible, to support local, seasonal and organic food production by buying from local farmers or from shops that do so.
  • Avoid disposable cutlery, plates and glasses and ensure that empty bottles and containers are placed in recycling bins.


  • Choose a venue that’s close to home.
  • Why not arrive at the wedding in a horse-drawn carriage for a more traditional feel
  • Use an electric car and make a real statement!
  • Walking and cycling are also possibilities - if you're brave enough to try them!
  • If the wedding ceremony and reception aren’t at the same place, try to encourage guests to share cars or look into providing a coach.


  • Many couples either have been living together for years or have already set up home and don't need toasters, kettles and vases. Why not use this opportunity to create a wish list on a charity website, where friends and families can donate gifts to charities instead?
  • Alternatively, you could choose a charity, or charities, and simply ask guests to make a small donation.
  • If guests still insist on giving you something, ask for plants, trees or wildlife products for the garden, where you can make a small, but important, impact on your local environment.


  • Confetti has become unpopular in recent years because of the mess it makes on pavements and outside of buildings. If guests are keen on throwing something, why not use dried rose petals?


  • Think about all the romantic destinations you can visit here in the UK by train, without spending 12 hours on a plane.
  • Equally, there are stunning places right on your doorstep in Oxfordshire just waiting to be explored: call in at a local tourist information office for ideas.
  • After all, you’re starting a new life together: what better opportunity to find out more about where you live while you get to know one another?