Fostering friendly employer

Campaign to gain support from local organisations to support foster carers

What does 'fostering friendly' mean?

We are a fostering friendly employer and our aim is to make Oxfordshire the most fostering friendly county in the country and we need your help.

A fostering friendly county is a place:

  • where foster carers are supported and respected
  • that appreciates the vital work foster carers do to transform lives
  • that recognises that sometimes special consideration is needed to help those who care for children.

We need to recruit more local foster carers so that the unprecedented number of children coming into the Oxfordshire care system can remain close to their homes. This will also cost the taxpayer considerably less.

We really need the support of local organisations to help us achieve this aim by signing up to our initiative to support and encourage foster carers. This will help us increase the number of foster carers in Oxfordshire and meet the needs of children in care.

We are proposing that organisations and businesses across the county sign up and commit to:

  • promote their ‘fostering friendly’ status
  • support staff who are, or seek to be, foster carers
  • actively participate in Foster Care Fortnight and other fostering campaigns, to raise the profile of fostering in Oxfordshire.

There are lots of ways you could get involved, for example you could display some of our publicity.

Want to find out more about becoming a fostering friendly employer or fostering friendly business - ring us now.

Join us

If you would be willing to join the campaign to help meet the needs of children in care, we would be delighted to hear from you.  Contact us to find out how you could get involved.

Read a case study (pdf format, 169Kb) about how one of our foster carers benefits from us being a fostering friendly employer.