Becoming a foster carer

What to do if you think you might like to become a foster carer.

Fostering can be an amazing experience but may not always be easy. It is important that you take time to think things through, and talk it over with your friends and family.

Your initial enquiry

Everybody is welcome to find out more about fostering. Contact us and speak to our enquiry officer. At the start you will be sent an information pack and we will ask you a few questions - this is called an initial enquiry.

Watch a video about fostering.

Meet the team

You will also be able to arrange to attend one of our information evenings, held in Oxford.

Here you'll have the ideal opportunity to speak to our recruitment team, social workers and experienced foster carers. They will be able to answer any questions you might have.

Meeting dates

Meetings are held at Nash Court, Oxford OX4 2RU.

Discussing it in more detail

If you feel you this is the right time for you to find out more, we will arrange for you to have an initial home visit by a social worker. They will come and meet with you and your partner, if you are applying as a couple, to discuss your interest in more detail.


A formal application will authorise the agency to instigate statutory checks with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), probation department, NSPCC, and local authority.

A medical will be organised with your general practitioner and we will take six written references from people who know you well, including family members (three of these personal referees will be visited by your Social Worker during the process).

Training and preparation

You will be invited to attend a two-day or four-evening preparation workshop to give you a better understanding of what is involved and also a time to reflect on your own life experiences.  You will have the opportunity to meet other prospective foster carers and existing carers to hear their views and experiences.

Following the workshop you will be asked to reflect on what you have learnt and also if fostering is right for you.  The training is a valuable part of the process to becoming a foster carer and it is a requirement that you attend prior to going to panel for approval.

The assessment

A social worker will conduct a full assessment that involves a series of interviews. By getting to know you really well we will be able to make a decision as to which child is best to place in your family. It is a chance for you and us to learn more about how fostering will fit in your life.

During your assessment, we may also take up a housing reference, a reference from an employer, and contact former long-term partners or children.

Being approved by the Fostering Panel

You will be invited to attend our  Fostering Panel that will make a recommendation as to your suitability to foster a child, the final decision is then made by the agency decision maker. when successful, we will start to match you with a child or young person.


Interested in fostering?

Not sure yet? Then just ask us a question. But if you think you are ready fill in an initial enquiry form.