Allowances and additional fees for foster carers

Foster carers are paid allowances, expenses and, in some cases, additional fees.

Foster carers get paid allowances rather than salaries. This means that, although you should inform the Benefits Office and tax authorities, your state benefits and your tax position will not usually be affected. 

Fostering allowances cover the cost of having a child live with you and are paid in line with national foster care allowances.

How much will I get paid?

Normal weekly rate

Age Weekly rate (allowance and fee)
0-2 £177.74 (includes nappy allowance)
3-4 £169.47
5-10 £193.24
11-15 £240.77
16-18 £291.41

Additional expenses

We pay additional costs for things such as:

  • mileage
  • nappies
  • summer holiday activity payment
  • birthday and Christmas/Eid
  • set-up costs (for equipment in some instances).

In addition, on completion of some of the required training you will receive £100.

We pay additional fees based on the additional skills, experience and training and the type of fostering you choose.

For more detailed information on allowances please see our allowances summary leaflet (pdf format, 659Kb) and our allowances guidance booklet (pdf format, 632Kb).

Fee paid fostering - schemes for children and young people with more complex needs

In addition to mainstream fostering we have schemes for children and young people with more complex needs. 

In these instances we pay additional fees (£218 to £459 per week) based on the additional skills, experience and training you will need.

These schemes are called fee paid fostering. They include:

Fostering training package

As well as allowances, the package for all foster carers includes:

  • local training and unlimited support from a dedicated fostering team
  • 24/7 telephone help line
  • regular support groups
  • relief care
  • birthday and holiday payments
  • free membership of the Fostering Network.

We will give you the support, training and development opportunities that are vital to undertake this role effectively.

Discounts and benefits

We have joined leisure providers to access activities at affordable rates. 

A range of benefits  is offered including:

  • leisure centre discounts
  • Oxford United match tickets and other football events
  • Max card, discounts to many attractions across the country
  • trips and events organised by the Oxfordshire Foster Care Association (OFCA)
  • Fostering Network membership fees which provides further discounted days out and holidays.