County council values

Information about our values for candidates applying for job roles and attending interviews

Core values

As a county council we have core values which guide the way we work. What these look like in practice is explained through a number of behaviours which support our values.

Our values are

We do the best we can for residents.

What good looks like:

  • Treat customers as we would like to be treated and help them to do as much for themselves as possible.
  • Use council resources efficiently and aim to minimise costs where possible.
  • Take responsibility for our work and delivering good customer service.
  • Exploit technology/digital options as much as possible

This means we: 

1. Work together in a supportive and honest way

What good looks like:

  • We are open and transparent about our work.
  • We look for opportunities to collaborate across teams and with partners.
  • We share our expertise and resources.
  • Keep up to date with council priorities and the information needed to do our job well.

2. Strive to find the best solutions

What good looks like:

  • We are resourceful and creative in our approach to problems.
  • We learn from past projects and apply lessons to achieve a better outcome.
  • Make decisions based on what the evidence tells us will deliver the best outcome.
  • We take ownership to deliver what we have committed to.

3. Are open to change and doing things differently

What good looks like:

  • We ask for and listen to the ideas of others
  • We look for opportunities to improve the customer experience/overall service performance and reduce duplication
  • Make time to reflect, develop and look for opportunities to improve, taking ownership of our own performance and personal development
  • Take risks in a managed way and challenge the way things have always been done.