Support for residents during COVID-19

Food support for families, advice for vulnerable people, and other information.

Food support

Community food providers and free school meals

Community food providers, including food banks and community larders, are on hand to support those struggling. You can ask your local council about community food support in your area or visit the Good Food Oxford website.

For other groups and businesses providing food services near you visit for more information.

If your child has benefits-related eligibility for free school meals and is required to stay at home to self-isolate or because of a national or local lock-down, you may be entitled to a food parcel, shopping vouchers, or equivalent support. Contact your child’s school or college for further information.

Holiday-hunger scheme

The county council is administering a holiday-hunger scheme to support families around school holidays for those in receipt of benefits-related free school meals. A scheme was delivered over holiday periods from Christmas 2020, providing £15 per week per child in food vouchers or equivalent support through schools and colleges for each holiday week. Similar support has been available to the most economically vulnerable children in early years settings.

Following a recent announcement of further central government funding from the Department of Work and Pensions, this scheme has been further extended to cover the October 2021 half term. Those eligible will be contacted directly by their school, college or early years provider.