Guidance for businesses on local coronavirus outbreaks and support

Keeping staff and customers safe, what to do if you have a coronavirus case in your workplace.

Businesses play an important role in keeping their staff and customers safe and helping prevent the spread of the virus.

Workplace safety

Workplaces must be adapted to make them safe for staff and customers. Follow government guidelines about how different types of businesses can work safely during the pandemic, and the practical actions for businesses to take based on five main steps. There is a free toolkit available for you to download to keep your employees safe and stop the spread of the coronavirus. It is vitally important that you and your staff continue to follow government guidelines on social distancing and good hand hygiene.

Action Cards for businesses are designed to be downloaded, printed and displayed in various locations with easy to follow guidance. They are available from the Public Health England website.  

Find supplies of PPE Personal protective equipment (PPE) for services outside the NHS with high priority needs for example, adult and children's social care, prison officers, police and funeral directors. 

The Food Standards Agency are offering support and guidance to established and new businesses to help address the challenges of COVID-19

News and updates for adult social care providers is also available online.

Test and Trace QR poster

From the 24 September certain businesses must display an NHS Test and Trace QR code. Other businesses not listed are encouraged to generate and display a QR code. Generate your QR code and find out more on the GOV.UK website. Its all explained in a video.

Coronavirus cases

As an employer, you may become aware of coronavirus cases in your workplace. If this should happen, encourage staff to heed any notifications to self-isolate so that the risk to your workplace is reduced. For further information, see the government’s guidance for employers, which includes information on Statutory Sick Pay.

Get tested

If any member of your staff displays symptoms of coronavirus, urge them to get tested. This will enable us to identify as many cases as possible and to reduce the risk of local outbreaks.

Multiple cases

If multiple cases (two or more is considered an outbreak) of coronavirus appear in your workplace, you should contact the local public health team to report this. If necessary, an outbreak control team from either the local authority or Public Health England (PHE) will be assigned to help you with advice and support based on your specific circumstances.

The local public health team is PHE Thames Valley:

Tel: 0344 225 3861 or

If you need to send information that might reveal someone’s identity, put it in an encrypted email. Do not put personal information in the subject line.

Financial advice and support

Advice and support for business can be found from several sources including: