Adult social care providers

Information and support for providers of adult social care during coronavirus.

Financial support for providers

Supplier relief

In response to the current situation the council has made a corporate statement about its commitment to supplier relief. 

For example, as of 25 March 2020 we changed our supplier payment processes to enable immediate payment of approved supplier payment plans and invoices - this means once they have cleared our system providers will normally receive payment in three working days via the BACS payment system.

We have also encouraged suppliers to register for our self-service portal so that invoices can be submitted directly to us and we can expedite payment.

In addition, we have made a commitment to work with suppliers who consider themselves at-risk so that we can provide additional support if necessary.

Some of the specific actions we have taken to support adult service providers are explained below.

Financial support to providers that the local authority has contracts with - 10% uplift paid in April, May and June 2020 plus support for planned hours:

Domiciliary Care

From late-February we started to pay providers on a ‘Planned’ hours basis rather than the actual hours they delivered. This is to ensure that if service delivery levels fluctuated then providers have their payment levels maintained at business as usual activity during current COVID-19 period.

Residential Care

10% uplift on payments in each of April, May and June 2020 based on average business as usual payment levels.

Other provision

10% uplift on payments to supported living providers in each of April, May and June 2020 based on average business as usual payment levels.

External Day Services funded by the council have been funded at 100% of planned activity to ensure they can continue to meet on-going costs while it is not possible to provide the service.

April £1.537m
May £1.624m
June £1.729m
July £0.152m
August £0.043m
September £0.013m
October £0.000m

Total spent to 31 October 2020 in response to COVID-19


Financial support to providers that the local authority does not have contracts with:

We have created a Service Sustainability Fund to respond to very exceptional cost pressures and circumstances, including where a provider is experiencing issues with on-going financial viability and is deemed to be ‘at risk’ of failure.

We have asked providers to alert us to any significant financial issue or concerns at an early date so that we can respond accordingly and in good time. In such a case we will work with the relevant provider on an ‘In Confidence’ and an open book accounting basis to agree what action can be taken to support them.

Other provision

People using direct payments have received a 10% uplift to their package costs in April, May and June 2020. This is to enable them to support additional costs arising from COVID-19. They have also been asked to continue to pay for services where those have not continued. This is to again ensure that providers have their income levels maintained during this challenging period.

April £0.246m
May £0.257m
June £0.248m
July £0.001m
August £0.000m
September £0.000m
October £0.000m

Total spent to 31 October 2020 in response to COVID-19


Infection control fund Phase 1 (£7.314m)

Total dispensed to care homes from the infection control fund to 30 September 2020. (Payments based on 75% of the total funding being passed to care homes to support infection control measures in accordance with the grant conditions).
June £2.500m
July £2.622m
August £0.283m
September £0.000m
Total £5.405m

Total dispensed to domiciliary care providers from the infection control fund to 30 September 2020. (Payments based on 20% of the total funding being used for this purpose and passed to contracted and non - contracted providers at the rate of £250 per service user). Payment of the second tranche will be made in the week commencing 3 August 2020.

July £0.486m
August £0.577m
September £0.402
Total £1.465m

The remaining 5% is being used to support external daytime support providers to restart services safely at reduced capacity.

Infection Control Fund Phase 2 (£6.314m)

GOV.UK guidance

The council received 50% of the Phase 2 funding from the Department of Health and Social Care on 2 October 2020 and the remainder in December 2020.  

In line with the grant conditions, 60% of the total (£3.730m) was passed to care homes to fund infection control measures on the basis of the number of CQC-registered beds.

20% of the grant was required to be passed to domiciliary care providers with the remaining 20% available for use on a discretionary basis.   A total of £1.799m was passed to domiciliary care providers with the rest being used to support people using direct payments and other community providers with infection control costs.

Rapid Testing Fund (£1.840m)

GOV.UK guidance

The Rapid Testing Fund was announced in January 2021 and was required to be used to support costs related to the use of lateral flow device (LFD) testing.   80% of the grant was required to be passed to care homes.  The 20% discretionary element has been used to provide additional funding for smaller care homes undertaking the testing.

The total passed to care homes who indicated that they were undertaking and reporting the tests is £1.651m. 

Workforce Capacity Fund (£1.146m)

GOV.UK guidance

The Workforce Capacity Fund was made available in January 2021 and was intended to further help the care sector respond to the workforce challenges posed by COVID-19.

£0.889m was passed to domiciliary care providers and £0.222m to care homes for use by 31 March 2021 in line with the grant conditions.  The balance has been used to support more general initiatives to increase the care workforce in Oxfordshire.