Fit for the Future programme

Our transformation programme is making the council more efficient by improving how we work.

Our Fit for the Future programme is redesigning our internal processes to benefit residents and businesses, enabling local communities to thrive.

By using data and digital technology differently, we are transforming the way our services are delivered. We are creating a better, smoother journey for our customers so it is seamless, efficient, and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Our new processes are making us more responsive, adaptable, and outward-facing, reinforcing our ‘one council’ approach.  We are also able to make better, more well-informed decisions based on solid evidence.  And we are saving money too. 

Why this is happening

It’s time for positive change.  There are always ways to work more efficiently and we are taking this opportunity to test and pilot new approaches to delivering our services for Oxfordshire’s residents.   Not all the outcomes and changes will be quick, but we believe it’s important to get it right.  

Faced with growing demand for our services and fewer funds, projects delivered under the programme are aiming to deliver savings across the organisation.  By changing how we work, we can continue making a positive difference to people’s lives by:

  • protecting vulnerable people
  • delivering efficient services
  • growing the county’s economy, and
  • enabling communities to thrive.

The benefits for Oxfordshire’s residents

By developing and using solutions which meet the needs of both customers and staff, we are providing modern, efficient services, making Oxfordshire a place where local residents and businesses can thrive.  Our customers will be able to access our services anytime, anywhere, and by any channel.

We are:

  • putting residents at the heart of everything we do
  • understanding the strengths and needs of each community so we can help them to help themselves through community-led services and initiatives
  • seeking new ways to improve services and reduce costs
  • striving to secure investment in public services and infrastructure
  • working with others to empower communities and deliver essential services
  • empowering staff to make a real difference to people’s lives.

How the programme is being delivered

The programme is about redesigning how we deliver services.  This is supported and enabled by three main workstreams:

  • Digital First
  • Place
  • Business Efficiencies.

These workstreams are delivering a range of projects and pilots designed to improve frontline services as well as back-office functions.  We are working closely with communities and partners to become more efficient and effective as an organisation.