Oxfordshire's local account of adult social care services

Each year we produce a local account to tell people what their adult social care department is doing

What is a local account?

The local account explains how much the council spends, what it spends money on, how this money makes people's lives better and the improvements we want to make this year.

We decide on the key improvements we need to make based on any changes in national policy, feedback from people who use services and internal reviews of policy.

We have split the local account into six chapters:

Your priorities for us

If you, or someone you know, has received health or adult social care services in Oxfordshire, one of the ways you may have had your say about how services can be improved has been through Hearsay! events

Hearsay! is an annual event where people who use social care, their family and friends, can meet the county councillor responsible for adult social care and the director of adult social services to provide their views on social care services in Oxfordshire.

The quality of social care in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire County Council has produced three market position statements as part of ongoing dialogue between the council, residents and social care providers.

They are about:

We have set out our current commissioning practices, understanding of demand and how that demand may change in the short to medium term. We also outline current trends and our plans for commissioning across all service user groups.

These are important documents for us because we want to influence and support the local care market to provide innovative, diverse, good quality and value services for adults in Oxfordshire.

What are you telling us?

Each February, as part of a national survey, we send out a survey to people who use social care to find out what they think about their services. In 2014, 1614 surveys were sent out and 489 were returned (30%). Overall, two thirds of people were very satisfied with services and a further 23% quite satisfied. Only 3% of people were dissatisfied. In the four years we have run the survey the proportion of people who are very satisfied has increased every year. Download the latest survey results (pdf format).

In Oxfordshire we add additional questions based on issues that service users have raised with us. These questions focus on four key issues: timeliness, communication, standards of care and personal safety. Download the latest survey results (pdf format).

Comments and complaints

If you are unhappy about something, it is important to let someone know. The Comments and Complaints team will talk you through the complaints procedure so that you can voice your opinion on the quality of social care you are receiving.

Download the latest Comments, Compliments and Complaints annual report (pdf format, 667kb)

The report includes figures about complaints and compliments received about adults and children's services.

The data includes how many complaints were upheld, resolved and escalated. 

More information on the Comments and Complaints service.

Outcomes achieved

How we performed compared to other local authorities in the national framework.

The adult social care outcome framework is a way of looking at outcomes, or end results, for people who use adult social care. You can look at any authority in the country and see how outcomes compare with other areas for 22 key measures. More information.

Download the Oxfordshire adult social care outcome framework document (81Kb)

Keeping people safe

How we keep vulnerable people safe and what people are worried about.

Download Oxfordshire’s Safeguarding Adults Board’s annual report 2013/14 (pdf format, 700Kb). Within it, you can read about the work of the board and its partner organisations to safeguard vulnerable adults in Oxfordshire as well as the board’s priorities for 2014/15.

How we spend your money

In February 2011, the council approved a business strategy which aimed to save £119m over the period 2011/12 – 2014/15.

Adult social care is a low spending but highly performing service. In February 2012, 1,700 questionnaires were sent out to those using adult social care services we provide.

With 846 responses, 89% of people who responded were satisfied with the services they received, with 62% of people extremely satisfied.

Detailed plans of how we spend money on adult social care in Oxfordshire are available (pdf format, 352kb).

Adult social care continues to support a thriving Oxfordshire, by promoting strong communities so that people can live their lives as successfully, independently and safely as possible.


Click to read a transcript of the video

Cllr Judith Heathcoat: "Hello, My name is Judith Heathcoat and I am the cabinet member for adult social care in Oxfordshire. This means that I am the councillor, who leads on social care, helping to decide our priorities and how we spend our money. As a councillor I am keenly aware that the money we spend comes from you, the people of Oxfordshire. So to help you understand what we have spent your money on we have produced and developed a local account. This local account is a new report for local people telling you how money has been spent in adult social care and what has been achieved with that money. The local account sets out some of the successes, some of the challenges we have seen in the last year. The local account isn't mandatory for local authorities but we believe it will give us greater transparency and engagement with you, the service users.

"The local account is key to ensuring and working towards excellence in adult social care, something that is very important to me. Part of the local account talks about the things we have to do by law, statutory requirement on us such as making sure vulnerable adults are kept safe. But other parts are about what people have told us that is important to them about the social care services and what changes we have made when people have asked for them. We pride ourselves and take very seriously good engagement and consultation with the public of Oxfordshire, we do listen.

"We hope you enjoy our local account, if you have any comments or ideas for next year's local account, please get in touch with us and tell us what you think. Details of how to do this are available on the front page of our local account."