Freedom of Information

Your right to access all recorded information held by Oxfordshire County Council.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOI Act) gives a right of public access to all recorded information held by Oxfordshire County Council unless an exemption from release applies.

How to request your personal information

Find out how to request your own personal information.

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If you've got a question about anything to do with local government, we'll always try to help. There's already all sorts of information available to you, whether it's on our website, in the local library or in leaflets and brochures. There's not much we don't share.

But sometimes you may want to make a special request. The Freedom of Information Act gives you the right to access official information held by the council.

It might be about planning, environmental policy, local developments, or how schools and social services are run – anything at all. Just let us know in writing, informing us of the nature of your request, and your name and address, and we will respond within 20 working days.

Occasionally we might not be able to release certain information such as commercially sensitive or personal information, but we'll always release what we can. We hold lots of information, whether it's in the form of records, agendas, memos, reports or minutes. And we'll do our best to help find the information you want. All you have to do is ask.

It's your voice. Use it.

How to request information

See the how to request information page for more details of how to request information under the Freedom of Information Act.

What is recorded information?

Recorded information includes:

  • paper records
  • emails
  • information stored on computer
  • audio or videocassettes
  • microfiche
  • maps
  • photographs
  • handwritten notes

Freedom of Information Policy

Oxfordshire County Council's Corporate Freedom of Information Act Policy (pdf format, 36 KB) sets out how the council will respond to information requests under the FOI Act.

Publication scheme

Oxfordshire County Council has adopted the model publication scheme prepared and approved by the Information Commissioner. It has been adopted without modification and is valid until further notice.

Can I see all information held by the council?

The FOI Act sets out FOI exemptions (pdf format, 73 KB) that may restrict access to some information.

However, please be aware that some information may also be withheld because it is covered by the Data Protection Act. Visit the Information Commissioner's Office for information about data protection.