Consent to share information

How to opt out if you don't want to share your family and children's information.

Oxfordshire County Council is committed to working with other agencies locally to ensure that you receive the best services possible. 

This means that we sometimes seek permission from clients to share information with other agencies to help them to work with us more effectively. 

We may also ask permission for information to be shared for research and evaluation purposes.

How we are using your information

The council's family and children’s services aim to provide assistance to local families with a range of needs. 

If your family is eligible to receive support from our services, your personal information, including your name and date of birth, may be shared with the Office of National Statistics which is carrying out a national evaluation of some of this work.

Why your information is being shared

Your information is being shared to help evaluate the work we do.  This will help improve the services that your family, and other families, will receive in the future.

How it affects you

Information about each of us is often used for research or evaluation of services. For example, when a child has injections to protect them against diseases, some information about this is sent to national agencies so that good records can be kept. What we are requesting here is similar.

This will not affect any benefits, services or treatments that you receive.  If any information is published it will not include your personal details.  The information will be handled with care and in full accordance with the law.