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Want family activities, events and the most essential info from us? YourOxfordshire is our fortnightly newsletter with fun events and the most essential info to keep you up to date. If you live in Oxfordshire, you’ll want to sign up for this.

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Want to find out what’s happening in your library? Our Libraries newsletter has great suggestions for books, magazines and entertainment; as well as the great events happening in the county’s libraries.

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Find out what’s happening at The Oxfordshire Museum. News and events from The Oxfordshire Museum, including family activities, the latest exhibitions and reminiscence sessions.

Major roadworks

Want to know what’s happening with major roadworks? Updates and progress from the teams on site.

Better broadband

Need to know when broadband is coming to your area? Better broadband provides regular updates on work to bring broadband to the whole of Oxfordshire. Get the very latest from the project and find out how you can benefit from better broadband.

Repatriation of fallen service personnel

Stay informed of the planned time and date of any future repatriations. Due to a Parliamentary embargo, information on the date and time of a repatriation is only released 48 hours before the event.

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