Beta web pages and applications

Web pages or services that are still being tested or developed are called beta.

The idea of a beta website or application is to build the first working version of a service to handle real transactions to allow thorough testing and rapid iterations.

New services

As we redesign and develop new online services they will be continually tested and improved using a beta version.

A web page with beta on it shows its one of our redesigned or newly developed ways of working which is being tested. It won't be the final version and it might not work for everyone.

We might run a beta web page alongside an existing page. But you will get the same service regardless of the way you interact with us.

After in-house and successful beta testing, the new web pages will replace the old ones. Meaning a quicker and easier way to report, pay and apply for council services.


If you have any feedback or problems with a web page (beta or not) then contact us.