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Assistive technology - alarms and helpful gadgets

Assistive technology includes a wide range of devices from simple things like memory aids, to high tech items, such as GPS tracking devices to locate somebody who's gone missing.

We can supply three different types of assistive technology in Oxfordshire, depending on your personal circumstances. We can also tell you about other systems available.

  • Telecare - sensors in your home are linked through your home telephone to a 24 hour monitoring centre. If a sensor detects potential danger, such as smoke or a fall, it automatically calls the centre, where staff will respond.
  • Simple gadgets - known as standalone assistive technology - are a range of sensors like Telecare, but alerts or reminders go to the person themselves, or a family member/carer via a portable pager, rather than a monitoring centre.
  • Just Checking - movement sensors which help to determine how a person is managing their daily routine at home. In Oxfordshire, Just Checking is used for short assessment periods and can be hired privately.

An assessment can be requested by contacting the Social and Health Care Team or by completing the online enquiry form.

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How assistive technology helps

Benefits that using alarms and helpful gadgets can bring and difficulties they can help overcome.

Lady using equipment

Our video

Our film shows how assistive technology can help you keep safe and independent.

Telecare service

Countywide service providing Telecare alarm equipment to vulnerable and older adults.

Simple gadgets

Stand alone assistive technology to help you maintain your independence, safety and quality of life.

Touchscreen phone

Visual and hearing impairments

Our specialist services for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or visually impaired.

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