Parking charges

Find out how much it costs to Park and Ride in Oxford.

Ownership of the sites is now shared between us and Oxford City Council, so charging will vary (for a map see the locations page).

Parking charges at Thornhill and Water Eaton

There are new charges in place for parking at Thornhill and Water Eaton from 11 November 2013. The charges are:*

  • Up to 1 hour – Free
  • Up to 11 hours (including the first hour) - £2
  • More than 11 hours, but less than 24 - £4
  • More than 24 hours, but less than 48 hours - £8
  • More than 48 hours but less than maximum stay of 72 hours - £12
  • 72 hours maximum stay.  More than permitted 72 hours - £100 excess charge

*Disabled Blue Badge holders are exempt from the parking charges if they display a valid Blue Badge. Remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that this is in order.

Payment is required within 1 hour of arrival. There is no need to display you receipt/ticket in your vehicle. 

Season tickets

Depending on how frequently you use the park and ride there are different options you can choose for purchasing season tickets. The ticket prices are calculated on the basis of a 5-day week and weekends are included in the tickets free of charge:*

  • A monthly pass (which covers 31 days from the start date) for £41.33
  • A quarterly pass (covers 93 days from the start date) for £110.93
  • An annual pass (covers 365 days from the start date) for £391.50

*Please note that the 72-hour maximum still applies if you buy a season ticket. Cars staying for longer than 72 hours will be subject to an excess charge of £100.

How the system works

The system is operated by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras monitoring vehicles entering and leaving the sites to determine length of stay. Car park staff patrol the sites and issue excess charge tickets.

How to pay

A range of payment methods are available:

  • By cash or card: at pay points near the terminal building
  • Online: at
  • By mobile phone: pre-register at, then text PARKREG and your location code to 67766.

All SMS payments are subject to a 15p surcharge and If you use a mobile phone to pay for parking you will be charged your standard text message rate

You will need the code of your car park (27361 for Thornhill or 27362 for Water Eaton), how long you intend to park and your car registration number. So for 24 hours' parking at Water Eaton, text PARKREG 27362 24 AA12XYZ.

You do not need to display the ticket/receipt in your vehicle.

Further information is available at both sites.

How to buy single tickets online:

  • Go to
  • Select 'Pay without Registering'
  • Select either Oxford P & R Thornhill or Oxford P & R Water Eaton depending on the car park you use

You must select the date 11 November or later.

The new tariffs will be displayed and you will be able to select one and proceed to payment.

How to buy season tickets online:

  • Go to
  • Select 'Season Tickets & Permits'
  • Select either Oxford P & R Thornhill or Oxford P & R Water Eaton depending on the car park you use

You must select the date 11 November or later.

The options for monthly, quarterly and annual passes are now displayed. Select the one you want to buy and proceed to payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve bought a season ticket and it is registered to my car’s registration number, but I need to use a different car for the day. What do I do?

If for some reason you cannot use the car you have registered, e.g. it is in for a service, you can contact the Oxfordshire County Council Civil Enforcement Team on 01865 815649 or email who will let the site staff know, and you will still be able to use your season ticket to park.

If you wish to permanently use your season ticket with a different car, or for a longer period, you can change the registration with Parkreg.

I’ve bought a season ticket but will not be able to use the remaining time. Can I get a refund?

If you have bought a season ticket and a change in circumstances means that you will no longer need it and there is still an amount of time left on the ticket, you can get a partial refund.

E.g. if you have bought an annual season ticket and wish to have it refunded after a 3-month period, we will charge you at a rate as if you had bought the 3-month ticket. This will be deducted from the price of the annual ticket, and you will be refunded the difference between the two. There is also an administration fee of £10 on all refunds.

In this example:-

Annual season ticket = £391.50
less 3-month period ticket = £110.93
less administration fee = £10.00
Refund due = £270.57

Please contact the Oxfordshire County Council Civil Enforcement Team for further information via the following email address -

Parking charges at Redbridge, Seacourt and Peartree

Oxford City Council has introduced a charge for parking at these three Park and Ride sites. You must pay for a ticket on arrival.

Cash using the pay machines on site:

  • 1 day £2
  • 7 days £10

On your mobile or online with a credit/debit card

Pay online on the RingGo website, or to pay by phone call 01865 989000 from your mobile and register with RingGo. Charges are:

  • 1 day £2.20
  • 7 days £10.20
  • 28 days £30.20 (includes text reminder 24 hours before expiry)

The RingGo location codes are:

  • Pear Tree 3919
  • Seacourt 3918
  • Redbridge 3920

(If you have already registered with RingGo at any other location, you need not register again.)

Last reviewed
30 April 2014

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